Expanded awareness

I wrote a while back about sitting in one spot for an hour at a time over the course of a year to meet the wildlife in your garden or a local park. Today I'd like to return to that to speak about finding the expanded awareness that will help you learn more about your wild neighbors. Think of this as a meditative practice that looks outward rather than in.Start by sitting still in your chosen outdoor spot. Get comfortable. Try to sit up as straight as you can, so that you can breathe well and … [Read more...]

The Sit Spot


If you want to get to know a place, the first thing you have to do is get out of your house and out of your car. Remove the barriers between yourself and the world around you. Take walks and then sit still.No matter how well you think you know a place, you can't really know it until you've spent a long time sitting quietly in one little spot. Every time you move around you send signals to all the creatures around you to run and hide. The sound of your footsteps, your breath, your voice and … [Read more...]