The Work Of Our Hands: beauty, delight, and the sacred

Electric Cock : free range organic fried chicken : South Congress

The weather this week in Austin has been scrumptious! Glorious sunny, mild days that are perfect for getting out and discovering just what makes this city sacred. Today, on my last day, my Little Big and I went on Pilgrimage. [Read more...]

A Place Within A Place: reconsidering what is sacred

Elisabet Ney Museum : Hyde Park : Austin, Texas

In thinking of Places within Places, and finding deep connection in an urban environment, it is especially important to consider what constitutes aliveness and how we define ‘sacred’ or ‘spirit’. [Read more...]

Happy Festivities! now for light reading


Do you practice a nature religion? Does the land beneath your feet have its own mythic stories? [Read more...]

Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting connection


When our Place changes in ways we don’t entirely like, in ways we feel an unidentifiable sense of wrongness about, it impacts us deeply, both emotionally and psychologically. We feel sad, sometimes despondent and even angry. This is solastalgia in action. [Read more...]

Getting my feet wet


The sun peeked out from behind a grey veil, illuminating Bantry Bay in gold wash. The hills below were a carpet of russet and green; the water of the bay reflected a perfect path to the Honey Plain. I took a deep breath, and allowed myself to sinkā€”into the land, into the generational line that spans millennia, and I smiled. [Read more...]