The problem of Imbolc


Today is the Celtic Sabbat/festival/holy day/celebration of Imbolc. Traci wrote a great post about it yesterday; I recommend it for those that want to know more about the word and its origins, as well as the Irish experience of it.I've never felt all that connected to this spoke on the great wheel of seasonal observances. While I feel connected to all things Celtic, I don't know much of the history, and there's so much to know! I wasn't raised in an Irish or Celtic diaspora family (my … [Read more...]

The beginning is nigh

My fairy tree, Lampeter, Wales, during the summer

I have the privilege of posting on the last day of the world! Or was it supposed to be over already? I can't keep apocalypses straight. I doubt anyone will be surprised that I don't believe in the End of the World. There are no ends, only beginnings. Every time I've felt as if my world was collapsing (and there have been a few of those times), I've only gained strength and something new and amazing sprouted in the space created by the destruction of the old.This solstice is a particularly … [Read more...]