The Fox in the Park

City Fox in Glasgow

Once again, I find myself in Glasgow. There's something surreal about being here this time. The first time I walked up the stairs to the apartment where I spent September to January and where I will spend the next month was strange. This is familiar home-not-home territory. Sitting in the living room now where I took that picture of the thick fogoutside in January feels a bit odd. I'm dancing with my relationship with this place that was just a mental picture before my first visit last July but … [Read more...]

Meeting the wild

connect in the garden

I mentioned last week how disconnected I was from the cycles of nature as a child. It wasn't for lack of exposure to non-urban places. In fact, my father took great pride in the fact that he shared his love of the outdoors with me from infancy. My parents have photo albums full of pictures of me in a backpack on my dad's back exploring nature. My dad would carry magnifying glasses in his pocket so that we could look at leaves and bugs and rocks up close. When I was 3 we visited a tiny pod with … [Read more...]

Expanded awareness

I wrote a while back about sitting in one spot for an hour at a time over the course of a year to meet the wildlife in your garden or a local park. Today I'd like to return to that to speak about finding the expanded awareness that will help you learn more about your wild neighbors. Think of this as a meditative practice that looks outward rather than in.Start by sitting still in your chosen outdoor spot. Get comfortable. Try to sit up as straight as you can, so that you can breathe well and … [Read more...]