Pantheacon, 2015: Sunday

They can't even be bothered to open the new bottles. Love you, 'Ho-Hum!

Pantheacons “2-6-1″ rule is: 2 meals, 6 hours of sleep and 1 shower. I think it should stand for 2 showers a day, with 6 different people and 1 safe word. [Read more...]

Pantheacon, 2015: Saturday


After Jason Mankey’s big triumph it was time to set about burying him in the awesomeness of my own. [Read more...]

Pantheacon, 2015: Friday

Jason, Niki, Rhyd, John, Crystal and Jenya. Good job!!

The polyester-and-sensible-shoe crowd were oh so serious, oh so sensible, and oh so frowny as they reluctantly gazed upon the flowery, velvety, free-flowing, loudly laughing, amply bosomed, over-accessorized pagan floats that were now gliding happily past them. [Read more...]

Pantheacon, 2015: Thursday


We arrived on Thursday night, because we’re smart. Even when I was unemployed in 2012 and we were eating spiced dirt by lamplight the concept of arriving on Friday with the rest of the heaving Heathen Horde never occurred to us. [Read more...]

Ask Angus #32: Winter Solstice party with Dionysus and some Cavemen


We have been looking for every single opportunity to get shit-faced from the very first moment we dropped from the trees and discovered that our hands would be perfect for holding a beer stein. [Read more...]

Ask Angus #31: Ambush Picnic Therapy


Here’s where you put on the big-girl panties and paddle into unknown waters. And yeah, you may have to whack him with your oar. [Read more...]

Ask Angus 30: Life After Death – in the lowest level of HELL!!


The lowest part of Hell, level 9, is reserved for “Treacherous Fraud”. For those of you playing along at home, up just one floor on level 8 – is “Simple Fraud” – where you will find the Magicians and Astrologers. Our eternal punishment is to have our “heads twisted round”, (though this chiropractic procedure may be covered by your insurance plan.) [Read more...]

Ask Angus 29: Trending Topic: Magic 8 Balls!


What will Paganism look like in 50 years? Oh, I dunno…..maybe a whole lot of squeaky wheels endlessly debating minutiae while the majority of the masses are out communing with the fey in the woods, or dancing naked around bonfires at the beach? Just a guess. [Read more...]