Ask Angus 25: Occult Knowledge, from the Ends of the Earth!

If you measure from the center of the Earth, then the Andes are taller than either the Himalayas or Hawai’i, because the Earth bulges considerably around its middle. (And not just during the Winter holidays.) [Read more...]

Ask Angus 21: Music for Bats with Hats

Chris Morgan and Stef Dunaway show off the objects in question. (Hats. Remember? Look UP. Yeah there.)

Both bats and pagans can be seen flitting around forest meadows without a stitch of clothing on. Bats are beneficial to the environment, eating tons and tons of harmful insects every night. Witches also work for betterment of the Earth, and we also eat lots after dark. [Read more...]

AskAngus 20: All You Need is Maenad Love


I don’t think it is earth-shattering to have received a gift from Dionysus when you are devoted to Pan. Pan, for all the Gods, is hardly one to insist upon patronical monogamy. [Read more...]

AskAngus5: When Rocks meet Mirrors

Ovoo, from Mongolia

A good-size Ovoo will quickly absorb all of the available rocks from the vicinity, so travelers got in the habit of always carrying a few stones with them on their travelers. This makes Ovoos into veritable treasuretroves for Geologists who can observe (just observe – they are shrines after all) rocks from all over the continent. This is the kind of thing that gets Geologists very excited. And then they say things like “oh dear” and “my word”. [Read more...]