Buddhist Books … A Patheos Poll

Buddhist books ... topic for conversation  ... as the wheel of Dharma turns ...Please weigh in, via the Reply section, below... as to Buddhist books in your own life ....Have you found books helpful ?  ¿ or no ? ...  (express your experience).What are your favorite Buddhist books?  (This is the place to talk about them).Or do you have a Buddhist book list?  (Here's a good way to share it).Are you looking for a Buddhist book, as a beginner, or as a gift, or on any topic at all ? ... ( … [Read more...]

Change Your Mind, Today

Do you get days off from work for Buddhist holidays? Buddhism's relatively lacking in (free of?) singling out special days (except, perhaps the annual Buddha-day celebration known as Vesak).The present moment is always cause for special awareness.  (Go ahead ... please, take a few conscious breaths. See for yourself: this moment is a wonderful moment.)Worth celebrating too is how Buddhist teachings and practice find their roots in American culture (as "Buddhism" but also as "mindfulness," "e … [Read more...]

Ehipassiko! (Come & see)

.:.A VOCABULARY LESSON FOR TODAYHere's a valuable word that crops up, from time to time,  in Buddhist discourse:ehipassiko.[ Sanskrit: Ehipaśyika "which you can come and see" -- from the phrase ehi, paśya "come, see!" ]It's considered one of the traits of the Buddha's teachings, that you can see for yourself.  All beings are welcome to put them to the test and see for themselves.No miracles.  No divine messengers.  No text written in stone.No coercion. No fanaticism.  No bigotry. … [Read more...]