NOTES FROM A TIDEPOOL : Mindfulness & Compassion

SAN FRANCISCO – Dr Lewis Thomas once compared the scientific community to a tidepool. Science progresses when a naturalist explores the entire pool, perimeter, depths, and nooks and crannies, and discerns particular groupings and connections amongst the various lifeforms – the organisms, in this analogy, standing for scientists and also their research papers. Such spirit of advance was the nature of MINDFULNESS & COMPASSION : The Art & Science of Contemplative Practice. As quietly as the … [Read more...]

karma and the middle passage

This post was originally published at the buddha is my dj nearly a year ago. The original post generated some great comments and conversations. I'm reposting it here because I think it's an important topic, and I would love to see more conversation come out of it in a different venue.I was out of town for most of this past weekend for some personal, family related issues. (That's all you get, Internet! I don't hang out all my laundry, dirty or clean!) So I've been out of touch with my usual … [Read more...]