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jPatheos' As the Dharma Turns offers a month-to-month archives, as is a standard amenity with blogs.  Within the blogspace, to the right, you'll see both "Recently Posted" and "Archives."Articles posted in the Public Square feature are also archived; other articles,  however, aren't. So this  page — to be updated over time — commemorates articles no longer visible.  We hope you find this  a handy alternative to searching to find what's currently invisible. Stay tuned for updates.   [Library h … [Read more...]

Cyber-Buddhism : A Monk’s Report from Malaysia

[ This week being devoted to science at Patheos, this news item caught my eye. Today, science and technology go hand-in-hand.  In fact, the tools themselves often upstage the science.  You might compare your own use of computers to that of Master Zhong Hong, in general, and consider the role of computers to your own spiritual life.   — GG] Promoting Buddhism online MySin Chew, May 20, 2010 Ipoh, Malaysia -- We can hardly survive without computers in this technology age these days, as a matter of … [Read more...]