To Where and Back?

Reviewing Dr. Mary Neal’s book To Heaven and Back, this post addresses the interpretative lenses through which her experience is described. A Hindu, and the writer of this post for that matter, would not describe the experience in the same way! [Read more...]

Gotta Love Sam Harris!

Sam Harris’ defense of the word spiritual prompts me to write about Ken Wilber’s pre/trans fallacy. It’s another look at how atheists’ criticism of all things spiritual is really a shot at one particular level of development’s theological perspective. [Read more...]

The Paradox of Progress

Goethe once wrote, “Progress has not followed a straight ascending line, but a spiral with rhythms of progress and retrogression, of evolution and dissolution.” We live with a clear paradox . . . compelling evidence of human evolution and equally compelling and often horrific evidence of what appears to be our lack thereof. In order [Read More...]

Humanity Is Evolving . . . Really?!

  “Evolution is best thought of as Spirit-in-action, God-in-the making, where Spirit unfolds itself at every stage of development, thus manifesting more of itself, and realizing more of itself, at every unfolding. Spirit is not some particular stage, or some favorite ideology, or some specific god or goddess, but rather the entire process of unfolding [Read More...]

The God You Don’t Believe in Doesn’t Exist

One of the useful bits about levels of development, which I’ve been talking about in the last few posts, is that spiritual traditions are very different at each level. In my practice many people have rejected the tradition in which they were raised because they cannot agree with the theology. My first question is always, [Read More...]

Widening Circles of Compassion

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. Mother Teresa One of the best ways to describe the movement of through levels of development is to see the progression as widening circles of compassion. Merriam-Webster defines compassion as a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with [Read More...]

Which Is It?

Why is it that religion is such a complex, confusing and polarizing force in the world? How could something that, on the one hand, teaches so much love and life be, on the other hand, the cause of so much destruction? Integral Vision pp.. 105-108 This quote begins the Spiritual but Not Religious section of [Read More...]

How Theory Comes Alive

This week I want to share a poem written by my friend, Vanessa Fisher. Vanessa is an artist, activist and global nomad who shares my love of Integral Theory and expresses her hope for its impact this way  . . . The Art of Theory Let this theory be living imagination an artist’s communication an [Read More...]

Where Do You Orient?

In my past post I introduced an interesting way to understand yourself, which may explain the particular way you are most comfortable experiencing Ultimate Reality. I thought it would be fun to talk generally about these four orienting quadrants so you can do you own anecdotal exploration of their correlation to the way you prefer [Read More...]

Three Faces of the Ultimate and Quadrant Orientation

In previous posts I’ve explored how Wilber’s quadrants help us look at the three ways we humans experience the Ultimate. In this post, we’ll look at the practices that deepen the experience of each face. In my third post on this site I introduced the quadrants, the first of five main aspects that comprise the [Read More...]