Let’s Have Tea!

Patheos Pagan editor, Christine Hoff Kraemer, has issued a call to all of the bloggers and readers here at the Pagan Portal. She’d like to see us build community. I have found that in my short time blogging at Patheos my online community has expanded significantly. It’s nice. I’m looking forward to meeting several of my fellow bloggers in person at next month’s Pantheacon, as well as Rhyd  Wildermuth when he passes through my town.

In an effort to expand this community, I am taking up Christine’s call and opening myself up to Skype or G+ dates with fellow bloggers or readers. Video chat isn’t my favorite medium, but it’s free and it’s a simple way to hear another’s voice, see their body language, and get a glimpse into their life. So if you would like to schedule some tea time together, I’m game! I can’t promise there won’t be children in my lap or yelling in the background….. If you are in, around, or passing through Olympia, WA, we can even meet up in person.

You can comment below or send me an email at myownashram@gmail.com.

Let’s grow our community. If you don’t view the wider Pagan world as a community, perhaps we can think of this Tea Time as a way to forge new alliances for the movement. Relationship and dialogue is what this blogging thing is all about, after all.

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