Maxim Monday: Speak Plainly

[Attempting a gentle return to blogging, I begin with my series, Maxim Mondays, wherein I ponder one of the Delphic Maxims, in an effort to get through the entirety of them.]I whole-heartedly embrace this Maxim, and I encourage you to do so as well! Let us eschew passive-aggressive vagaries. Let our yeses be yeses, and our no's mean no. Let us mean what we say and say what we mean. Our words have power, for good or for ill. If we mean something less than kind, then just be plain about it. … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Flee a Pledge

The snarky lady in me wants to say this Maxim is telling us not to join fraternities or sororities. Or maybe that we should not date freshman pledging into the Greek system. I'm no fan of the Greek system, but I don't think this Maxim is about our modern social networks.I think it's a reminder that if we need to pledge something we might want to think twice - or flee from the obligation. Do we need to make a promise? Pledge money? This reminds me of how when my family was more financially … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Recognize Fortune

From the Chibi Tarot.

Fortune can be defined as luck, serendipity, providence, coincidence, and the like. It can also be defined as wealth. Let's talk about both.I love little moments of serendipity. Are they divine acts? Sometimes I think so; sometimes I think they are just mere coincidences. Regardless, I like to recognize those moments and be grateful for them. I tend to equate acts of fortune with unexpected positive occurrences, although they can also be negative. I remember trying to go on a trip and … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Two-for-One

The next two Delphic Maxims make me laugh, even though they do have some wisdom in them. I'm committed to commenting on all of 147. These two take us through 67!The first is: know the judge. Certainly this would be helpful! I can't imagine the Delphic Oracle is suggesting that we use our personal connections to influence justice for our unjust benefit, but knowing the tendencies and history of a judge could prove very helpful in crafting an argument that might steer the outcome in one's … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Honor Good Men

Adam and our daughter, about 8 months old at the time, in Wales.

This Maxim is likely using the word 'men' to mean humans. (Any Greek scholars want to help me out here?) So, yes, let's honor good people where we find them.We can get caught up parsing the word 'good' and wonder who among us is truly good? Everyone has a flaw, a blind spot, or something dishonorable in their past. Yet, we should honor the good we want to see more of in the world.On that note, I'd like to honor a good man in my life. It's a few days after Valentine's day, a 'holiday' I … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Gain Possessions Justly

By Andrea Westmoreland. Bald Eagle at Tomoka Landfill, via Wikimedia Commons. The patriotism of waste.

Oh wow. Is this Maxim ever a knot to untangle.Of course I agree. Everything we gain should be done justly. I'd like to think that I do so: I do not steal, I pay for what I purchase. I'm in the clear, right?Argh, not so quickly. I think on the easiest level, the one over which I have most control, yes: I do gain possessions justly. But on a larger, macro level, so much of what we, in the Western world, possess is purchased at the expense of others, and if not our environment, then … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Despise a Slanderer

"The Accusation of Susanna" George Romney, 1776. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Slander is making false accusations and statements about someone, usually with the intent to cause damage (libel is doing so in print). The intensity of the word 'despise' brings to my mind the idea of shunning a person from one's life and social circle. In our fragmented and increasingly online society being shunned may bring about no immediate consequences, I believe most Pagans hold honor and integrity - one's reputation - as a central personal value. A positive reputation doesn't mean that … [Read more...]