Birth as Edge Walking

Kali, from the Calcutta Art Studio, 1885.

Last month I entered my third trimester of my third pregnancy. I felt the shift about 10 days before the 'technical' date; I felt the fullness of my belly growing, the spread of my hips, and a certain mental shift. With my first child I didn't know what to expect; with the second and with this third one, I started out the pregnancies thinking, "Joy! I get to experience giving birth again! What a blessing!"And then sometime in my 6th month I woke in the night, and I knew I was entering the … [Read more...]

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Friends, readers, I am taking this week off. I'm sure you've noticed as it's already Thursday! I've half-written two posts for this week, but I'm having trouble focusing. Why? It's not for lack of ideas or inspiration! It's because on top of all the other things I do (parenting, writing, householding and so on) my husband and I are buying a house! We found a good one last weekend and we set all the gears in motion! It's exciting, but as first time home owners, the learning curve is steep. My … [Read more...]

Pagans and Money

Nature is calming. Here, have a picture of a fire road in the Santa Cruz mountains. By Grey3k (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Pantheacon, a sort of 'gathering of the tribes,' is a place where one can get a sense of the modern, American, neo-Pagan zeitgeist. Yes, the blogosphere also helps with this, but it's the conversations that go on after the panels are over, the ones occurring in hospitality suites and hallways, that alert careful listeners to the conversations we're not having as a community. This year there were two panels that aimed to address some of this: Pagans & Privilege, moderated by T Thorn Coyle, … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Honor Good Men

Adam and our daughter, about 8 months old at the time, in Wales.

This Maxim is likely using the word 'men' to mean humans. (Any Greek scholars want to help me out here?) So, yes, let's honor good people where we find them.We can get caught up parsing the word 'good' and wonder who among us is truly good? Everyone has a flaw, a blind spot, or something dishonorable in their past. Yet, we should honor the good we want to see more of in the world.On that note, I'd like to honor a good man in my life. It's a few days after Valentine's day, a 'holiday' I … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Gain Possessions Justly

By Andrea Westmoreland. Bald Eagle at Tomoka Landfill, via Wikimedia Commons. The patriotism of waste.

Oh wow. Is this Maxim ever a knot to untangle.Of course I agree. Everything we gain should be done justly. I'd like to think that I do so: I do not steal, I pay for what I purchase. I'm in the clear, right?Argh, not so quickly. I think on the easiest level, the one over which I have most control, yes: I do gain possessions justly. But on a larger, macro level, so much of what we, in the Western world, possess is purchased at the expense of others, and if not our environment, then … [Read more...]

Superheroes, Magic, and Kids

By Nicholas Gemini via Wikimedia Commons

I spend a lot of time around boys aged 3-7. My own son is 5 1/2. Among this demographic, I see a lot of superhero t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, toys, capes, etc and hear a lot of superhero talk. In my house we go very light on branded items and superhero images. In some very important ways, even the Powerpuff Girls, a cartoon I'm a fan of myself and for my kids, falls into the superhero category.When one of the other five year olds in my son's weekly karate class asked why he couldn't do the … [Read more...]

Shiva the Witch God


Shiva has been part of my devotional practice for quite a while: I dedicate Mondays to him specifically. For the last few months I've been contemplating him as a witch god. In some Hindu traditions Shiva is considered the god of the margins, of the people on the far edges of society. Part of this is because Shiva is not concerned with social structures or formalities - he would rather be focused on his own practice and bliss.Depending on one's Hindu tradition, Shiva can be the Destroyer, … [Read more...]