Full Moon Kali Puja

What do Kali, elephants, and robots have in common? Me!I can't help but love the richness of my life.Saturday started with a 'robot party' for my son. It was his going away party. My husband made a cardboard box robot chassis for each of the kids, but only my son was interested. Instead of designing robots, the party was a huge play fest - noisy, messy and sugar fueled. Just the way a three-year old likes it.Straight after the party I met up with some friends and together we went to … [Read more...]


There is a part of me that wishes I was still practicing Hinduism so that I could be celebrating Diwali right now. What a joyful, beautiful holiday. I suppose I could still observe it, but my head is fully ensconced in the upcoming Samhain/Halloween.A blessed Diwali to my Hindu friends! May Lakshmi bless us all with her abundant blessings of wealth, beauty, and good fortune. … [Read more...]

What about the children?

With witchcraft's negative reputation this is not an uncommon worry. Anyone who knows anything about paganism will know this is an unfounded concern. For me, though, as a mother of two small children, I do wonder about the children. After a quarter spent with Hinduism and seeing how bright, colorful and easy it was for my 3-year-old to find an 'in' I wonder where the 'in' is in Feri. So far my son has questioned me about what's on the altar and he's taken the conkers and thrown them outside. He … [Read more...]

Navratri, as seen through Feri eyes

Navratri is a major Hindu celebration of the Shakti, or feminine, aspect of the Divine, celebrated over nine nights. I don't understand Hindu astrology or calendar systems, but I'm sure it is no coincidence that it occurs close to the autumnal equinox and starts at the dark of the moon. Navratri celebrates Durga, who I see as the Dark Mother. The first three nights celebrate her fierce qualities, and focus on purification. The second three nights focus on her aspect as Lakshmi, goddess of … [Read more...]

The Left Hand Path

Today is all about change. This evening I leave the US to fly back to my current home in the UK. I said goodbye to Hinduism last night (bittersweet) and this morning I woke up enthusiastically embracing the Feri tradition.* A discussion of the 'left hand paths' is an appropriate segue between these two traditions. They might appear radically different, but you might be surprised. I was!Like all dualities, the split between left and right hand paths is a bit of a false dichotomy. Each side … [Read more...]

The end is nigh

My blessed time with Hinduism is coming to a close. On Wednesday I begin with a new tradition, as well as fly back to the United Kingdom after a frustrated month on a vacation that wasn't much of one. This month isn't how I wanted to close out my time with Hinduism. Hinduism is beautiful, rich, lovely, and challenging in ways I never expected. There were several things I wanted to do and experience that just didn't happen: draw yantra, visit a temple, attend yoga classes, settle into meditation, … [Read more...]

More of the same

My vacation stopped feeling like a vacation and has felt more like a holding pattern for at least the last week. My spiritual practice has suffered tremendously. As it goes, so do I. While I recognize in myself the fruits of my previous efforts -I am slower to anger, more compassionate, and more patient with the unexpected and the waiting - I am far more in thrall to my whims and moods. Oh what an inconsistent creature I am! I rise and fall according to the chemical dance of my blood sugar, I … [Read more...]