This week

Part 4 of my testimony will have to wait until next week. It's been a week of lousy sleep due to the teething my daughter is doing. She's ambitious: she's cutting 6-8 teeth at once. Yay. I just don't think I've got a post in me today.Here are some links for your weekend reading:Earlier this week I wrote a book review on Ten Moons: The Inner Journey of Pregnancy for Pagan Families.This is an interesting essay on the difference between prayer and … [Read more...]

Praying like a Pilgrim

I was hoping to have all of The Pilgrim's Tale, a Russian spiritual classic, read for review today. Even with kids and limited reading time I can plow through a book if need be. This time? I'm savoring it. In fact, I'm inspired by it.One of the things I love about the Eastern Orthodox tradition in all its 'flavors' (the Church is divided along ethnic and national lines) is that mysticism is front and center: in its liturgy, traditions, stories and practice. Mysticism is more than theology or … [Read more...]

Fifteen Years in the Wrong Shoes – part two

Thanks to my experienced readers I was reminded that the word for this type of biography is called a testimony. Thank you, readers!Let's continue my testimony. (You can read part one here.) In this installment I get personal and talk about things I'd rather not.We last left off as I approached college. I considered myself a Christian, but was wary of Christian culture and of people who grew up in youth group. So you can imagine my enthusiasm when the summer before leaving for college … [Read more...]

Fifteen Years in the Wrong Shoes – part one

Something I remember from my years in Christianity is the practice of telling one’s story of how they came to Jesus. There’s a name for these stories, but I can’t remember what it is.... maybe 'witness'? Last quarter I had planned to write about how I found Feri but the move took up so much of my brain that I let that go. Now, hanging out with friends, the question has come up – what was my upbringing? What was my time in Christianity like? But every time I start this post I get caught up, trippe … [Read more...]

A quick check in

I haven’t meant to go so long between posts. We are in our house, but internet doesn’t start until tomorrow, and we’re still in that chaotic, seemingly never-ending period of unpacking, sorting, finding, organizing, etc. This is by far my most challenging and taxing move yet. Each day gets better (I tell myself). I love our new home and I think Olympia is already a great fit for us.I think about this blog and this project often. As annoying as moving in the middle of it has been, it actually … [Read more...]

What is magic?

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.This is one definition of magic, by Aleister Crowley, from his book, Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4. While I'm not a fan of Crowley, I do have respect for his daring and determination to push the boundaries of magic. Or magick, with a k, if you prefer. Which I don't. But I do agree with this statement on magic.Is it magic when I pick up my cup because I want a drink of water? Not really, even though it fits a … [Read more...]

Another fast for women

Today is Gouri Vrat (also called Swarna Gowri Vrat in Southern India and Hartalika Vrat in North India. It's a holiday honoring the austerities of Parvati, the mother of Ganesha. Women observe this day by fasting and asking for the blessings of a happy family. Tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesha's birthday (I'll write more tomorrow about that and him).My family is having a particularly challenging time. The baby has come down with the chicken pox, which may require yet more changes to our … [Read more...]