Women in Religious Leadership

A Priestess, by Godward, 1894.

This is a Patheos wide topic. Below in quotes is the writing prompt."Despite decades of positive change toward gender equality in American society, women remain under-represented in leadership positions in most major faith groups. What theological and social factors lie behind this resistance to change? How can more women gain access to leadership positions? What impact have women had in faith traditions with greater levels of equality? What might change if women had greater responsibility … [Read more...]

Pagans and Money, part 2


An interesting discussion occurred on my personal Facebook page when I brought up Pagans and money. I realized that so many of hang ups I see and experience around money can be tied to Christian theological influence and the struggle to mix the spiritual and the 'mundane.' Christianity is deeply conflicted about money. Since the overculture in the United States is very Christian and many Pagans started out as Christians, it's not surprising that some of that confusion and ambivalence has … [Read more...]

Late Night Revelations

Albrecht Dürer's Praying Hands from 1508.

I seem to be doing my best thinking in the wee hours of the night, those minutes (or hours) between trips to the bathrooms or careful turnings over. For some reason last night I was thinking of an ended relationship and my reactions to it, wondering if I've been too harsh. In a flash of insight I realized that part of my problem is lingering Christian thinking.I'm the kind of person that takes things seriously. I've often been told that I take things too seriously. (Of course, I've often … [Read more...]

Pagans and Money

Nature is calming. Here, have a picture of a fire road in the Santa Cruz mountains. By Grey3k (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Pantheacon, a sort of 'gathering of the tribes,' is a place where one can get a sense of the modern, American, neo-Pagan zeitgeist. Yes, the blogosphere also helps with this, but it's the conversations that go on after the panels are over, the ones occurring in hospitality suites and hallways, that alert careful listeners to the conversations we're not having as a community. This year there were two panels that aimed to address some of this: Pagans & Privilege, moderated by T Thorn Coyle, … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Gain Possessions Justly

By Andrea Westmoreland. Bald Eagle at Tomoka Landfill, via Wikimedia Commons. The patriotism of waste.

Oh wow. Is this Maxim ever a knot to untangle.Of course I agree. Everything we gain should be done justly. I'd like to think that I do so: I do not steal, I pay for what I purchase. I'm in the clear, right?Argh, not so quickly. I think on the easiest level, the one over which I have most control, yes: I do gain possessions justly. But on a larger, macro level, so much of what we, in the Western world, possess is purchased at the expense of others, and if not our environment, then … [Read more...]

Pagan Chat Time


Patheos Pagan editor, Christine Kraemer, has called upon her fellow bloggers to create more community through getting together - whether in person or via video technology. Pagan Tea Time is the result and February's mission for many people here at Patheos Pagan.Many bloggers have already been reaching out to one another with what appears to be great success. Unlike many comment threads, not one chat time has degenerated into a shouting match!I, too, have jumped in to the tea pot. I've … [Read more...]

Maxim Monday: Despise a Slanderer

"The Accusation of Susanna" George Romney, 1776. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Slander is making false accusations and statements about someone, usually with the intent to cause damage (libel is doing so in print). The intensity of the word 'despise' brings to my mind the idea of shunning a person from one's life and social circle. In our fragmented and increasingly online society being shunned may bring about no immediate consequences, I believe most Pagans hold honor and integrity - one's reputation - as a central personal value. A positive reputation doesn't mean that … [Read more...]