The GOP’s epistemic implosion

Nancy LeTourneau at Political Animal illustrates the impotence of the RNC, in no small part because of the Citizens' United ruling, which allowed the proliferation of Super PACs and enabled candidates like Cruz and Trump to dominate establishment picks like Rubio and Jeb. Of course, the GOP blames Obama/Hillary. However,at some point, this “party of personal responsibility” really needs to look at themselves and realize that it was the embrace of post-policy obstruction based on fear mon … [Read more...]

Muslim Americans should be single-issue voters

This is a guest post by Aamer Jamali.Four years ago, I wrote a piece in support of Barack Obama for re-election. In it, I cited multiple areas in which I felt his approach was superior to Mr Romney's. I have spent a lot of time ruminating on the feedback I received from that post, and have come to realize that most of it does not matter. I am a single issue voter and proud of it, and that issue is my right to exist as an equal citizen in this nation as a Muslim.The term "single issue … [Read more...]

VEEP! President Obama selects Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate

In just a few hours, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will likely be selected to be Mitt Romney's running mate for the 2012 presidential election on the Republican ticket (UPDATE: confirmed!). In almost every way, this represents a game-changing coup - for Barack Obama.The conventional wisdom is that running mates only deliver a percentage point in their home state. The best-case analysis (as per Nate Silver's statistical modeling) is that Ryan will increase Romney's likelihood of winning Wisconsin … [Read more...]