5 Under-the-Radar, Inspirational Movies Values Audiences will Go Bananas For

An insider’s report from Variety’s PURPOSE Summit By Matthew Faraci A few days ago, entertainment professionals from all over the world gathered at Variety’s annual Faith and Family Entertainment event—the PURPOSE Summit—in Beverly Hills. This exclusive, insider meeting serves as the hub for a vibrant and rapidly-growing sector in Hollywood, values-focused movies and programming. For the very first [Read More…]

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Viewing “The Walking Dead” Through a Theological Lens

By Joshua K. Smith Is All Life Precious? I am unashamedly and unambiguously a fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead. I was also a fan of the comic that was released many years before the film adaption in 2010, and before every other show on television was about the undead. It is not [Read More…]

Measuring Success: One Woman’s Counter-Cultural Path

By Laura Waters Hinson As an independent filmmaker, I have the privilege of telling stories that you don’t often see coming out of the mainstream media or Hollywood studios. I relish the opportunity to work on projects that take risks—that shine a light on gems beneath unturned stones. And yet, even I didn’t expect to [Read More…]

Searching for Jesus: A Q&A with Risen’s Joseph Fiennes

“If I was to take anything away personally from making this film, it’s the concept of redemption and forgiveness and second chances. The second chance for Clavius resonates with me, and I think it might for a lot of people.” — Joseph Fiennes, who plays Roman Military Tribune Clavius in the new movie, Risen What would [Read More…]

Risen: Not Just Another Bible Movie

There are films that are entertaining. There are films that are soul-stirring. And there are films that are faithful to the source material (when the source material is the Bible, this third category becomes an important one for many believers). It is rare to experience a film that checks one or two of these boxes, [Read More…]

Coach Lad: The Real Story of the Coach Portrayed in ‘When The Game Stands Tall’

Check out Coach Lad’s story in When The Game Stands Tall, now playing. [Read more…]

Watch the Trailer for ‘When The Game Stands Tall’

It’s not about football. Catch the movie on Friday. [Read more…]

What Makes a Great Sports Movie?

What makes a great sports movie? Is it passion? Chariots of Fire Or the invincible spirit of a dreamer? Rudy   Is it the courage to get back up? Rocky Or the heart of an unexpected champion? Seabiscuit Or is it all of the above? Check out When The Game Stands Tall coming to theaters [Read More…]

5 Best Coaches in Football Movies

Promoted: Check out Jim Caviezel as Coach Bob Ladouceur in ‘When the Game Stands Tall.’ [Read more…]