Life is Probably a Gift

Christians ruin mind-blowing concepts by hollowing them into a phrase, titling their banal rock albums after them, and otherwise extracting from them their philosophical fiber, leaving behind the rattling husks we call cliche. We did it to "Jesus saves", we did it to "God loves you", and I'm afraid that -- if I don't write this blog post right now -- it will happen to the phrase, "Life is a gift."Life is experienced as a given life. This is not a Christian experience. It is a human ob … [Read more...]

Is Man No More Than An Ape?

Man is a self-glorified ape. He occupies no special place in the Cosmos -- a bigoted, specieist idea -- and the differences between him and his hairier, happier relatives are merely quantitative. Man has more intelligence as he has less hair than the gorilla, and this alone is the reason for his apparent apartness from the animal kingdom and his puffed-up sense of dominion over the earth.The ape uses rudimentary tools to feed itself. The human uses complex tools to feed himself. The ape li … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why Men Can Speak on Abortion

The injustice of abortion is the free choice of a woman who sees it working towards her good. This has lead to the common call for men to remove themselves from the debate surrounding the injustice. It is, after all, a woman's issue.While I sympathize with the thought, it doesn't hold to the light of reason. Women bear pregnancy and birth, as they physically and emotionally bear the sad experience of abortion. As such, they are certainly the most experientially trustworthy spokeswomen for t … [Read more...]

You Are Immensely Powerful

Human beings suck. We've murdered, raped, belittled, ignored and otherwise objectified each other since we first learned to totter on two feet, and will continue to do so until the whole edifice of earth collapses beneath us.If you nodded, agreed, or agreeably grunted at that statement, then please -- go outside, take a knee, punch yourself in the face. Reject despair.Mankind will always face temptation. Evil will always be seductive. But every sin is a free choice made by a person … [Read more...]

Concerning the Zombie Apocalypse

If we were decent, self-respecting animals, we would naturally prefer good environments -- in which all our needs were met -- over bad ones. As it turns out -- and as a brief survey of popular culture makes apparent -- we are currently thirsting for an environment in which all our needs are threatened by animated corpses seeking to slurp out our brains through crazy straws. I speak, of course, of the Zombie Apocalypse.The Zombie Apocalypse has become such a common part of daily discussion … [Read more...]

Scientism’s Aching Need to Make Suicide Inevitable

Evolution is not, contrary to the Internet, an idea spontaneously generated from the cranium of Dear Darwin. It has existed since the Greeks, and was well phrased by Capital Kant, who stated: "an orang-outang or a chimpanzee may develop the organs which serve for walking, grasping objects, and speaking-in short, that lie may evolve the structure of man, with an organ for the use of reason, which shall gradually develop itself by social culture."The Christian who denies the reality of e … [Read more...]

Selfing Others Right in the Face

To "love your neighbor as yourself" is not a restating of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and I thank Christ for the fact, because the Golden Rule -- taken as the singular guiding principle of morality -- is frightening as all hell.For a sizable portion of the population, following the Golden Rule involves leaving others alone to drink Jaegermeister and play World of Warcraft. It could consist of treating others with rainbow-puking positivity, in a syrupy effort to pro … [Read more...]

An Imperfect God

An excellent New York Times opinion piece is making its dutiful trudge around the Internet, proclaiming (if I may do the author, Yoram Hazony, the injustice of wedging his piece into a nutshell) that God should not be considered perfect, for such a philosophical view is directly contradicted by the God of the Old Testament. Hazony says: The God of Hebrew Scripture is not depicted as immutable, but repeatedly changes his mind about things (for example, he regrets having made man). He is not al … [Read more...]

Better Than Nothing

All things come from and tend towards Nothing.The Big Bang Theory supports the former claim: The dense, hot, rapidly expanding singularity that was our universe some 13.75 billion years ago contained within itself all space, time, matter and energy. "Before" it existed, nothing existed. All things come from Nothing.The law of entropy backs the latter claim, dictating that all systems regress into a state of disorder, all organization tends towards chaos, and all things crumble and fade. I … [Read more...]

Does Contraception Reduce the Abortion Rate? (Rebuttal Part 3)

The Holy Internet demands writers present the truth in 500 words or less, with a picture for every 100 words. But when considering Libby Anne's recent claim -- that if pro-lifers were really interested in saving the lives of unborn children, they would promote the use of contraception -- I'm afraid I cannot abide by such a limit. Allow me to reduce my pageviews by 75% and say it: The reality of the contraception/abortion link is not conducive to short posts. We will march like the dead through th … [Read more...]