Why I’d Make a Bad Atheist

I don't think I'd make a good atheist, for dwelling within me is a strange desire to be happy. This isn't to say atheists aren't happy, of course. In fact, most of my atheist friends are a damn sight happier than myself. But the existence of this desire poses a problem.The desire for happiness is naturally oriented towards eternal happiness. When I am happy, I have no desire for that happiness to end. Such a thing would be inconceivable, directly contrary to the very nature of … [Read more...]

Mr. Mehta, and a Briefer Defense of a Brief Piece

Now what Chesterton said is true, that “the atheist is not interested in anything except attacks on atheism.” Thus my last post, 3 Arguments Atheists Aren't Allowed To Use Anymore, attracted the beautiful and educated eyes of a certain Mr. Mehta, who contributes to The Friendly Atheist. Whether he really is friendly is a thing I'm unsure about, for the word "friend" is derived from the Old English freond, "to love," and to love is to desire the ultimate good of the beloved, and the ultimate of go … [Read more...]

3 Arguments Atheists Aren’t Allowed To Use Anymore

I mean you can, but you'll look dumb.1. Babies Are AtheistsThe argument goes like this: Babies aren't born with any pre-conceived notion of religion, God, or the supernatural world. These falsehoods are forced upon the child's innocent, atheistic mind by his parents. All religion is indoctrination -- there's nothing inherent or natural about it.This is an argument heavily promoted by the whole RELIGION IS CHILD ABUSE crowd, which has always made me think, "Dang, I can't wait to abuse … [Read more...]

ReligiON, ReligiOFF

The phenomenon of online-misery can be achieved by: a) Reading the news. b) Caring about the news. c) Trolling Planned Parenthood's Facebook for 2 or 3 minutes (can we have a day for that? (International Rick Roll Planned Parenthood Day?)) But do not despair! There is one pasture in the waste land, one myrrh-scented site guaranteed to lift the spirit back to the transcendent. I speaketh, of courseth, of r/atheism.For those of you normal, healthy people unaware of the world of Reddit, I … [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens and Groaning During Sex

Mr. Hitchens -- may he rest in peace -- was far too involved with Christianity to have ever become a Christian. If he had spent a little more time being an Atheist he might have considered the Body of Christ. But he couldn't leave the non-God alone. He spoke of Christianity more than Her priests. He engaged Her more than Her followers. He lived the life of a pious Christian with several thousand misunderstandings of Christianity. Forever seeing Her through a microscope of misconception, Hitchens … [Read more...]

On Being Made For Infinity

There is an ache within atheism an awful lot like unrequited love. There is a nameless and uncomfortable burning within nihilism, agnosticism, and all the lonely fashions of post-Christian man that rings of being rejected. But before I bother you with all that, let's go on a walk, you and I, around the Point in the hopes of arriving back again, full of understanding.The pain of unrequited love -- of being spurned or friend-zoned -- isn't confined to the mere absence of a loving r … [Read more...]

In Defense of the Unmiraculous

There is a fear that causes Christian legs to tremble, a fear well-exploited by the New Atheism, and -- all things considered  -- a very stupid fear -- that of the unmiraculous.The Christian runs to the atheist, silver cross sailing in the wind, filled with joy, saying "I felt the presence of God!" The atheist looks up from his Macbook and says something along the lines of, "Religious experience is just the result of decreased activity in your right parietal lobe." And he'd hardly be alone … [Read more...]

Tim Tebow – Full of Crap?

I have a terrible habit of writing about atheists. Every time I indulge it, the main response I get from my atheist/nontheist/bright/agnostic/agnostic-atheist/post-Christian/secular humanist brothers and sisters is not any rebuttal of argument -- that would just be crude -- but the complaint "these aren't real atheists. Real atheists are much kinder, less judgmental etc. etc. You're attacking a strawman."All things considered, I freely admit the complaint may be valid. But the sad reality is … [Read more...]

If God Was Real, He’d Prove Himself To Atheists!

Atheists tend to whine (about miracles). They happen too often and not nearly enough. They are far too small and insignificant -- like stigmata -- and far too cosmic and looming -- like the existence of the Universe. They have the annoying habit, as Hitchens pointed out, of largely happening to Catholics. They disdain to take place in climate-controlled, clinical studies, and in general, behave with total disregard for the atheist's feelings.We've all heard the complaint. Perhaps we've made … [Read more...]

Atheists Disprove God’s Existence Again!

The Lowdown: A Scientist managed to replicate religious experience with electromagnetic waves applied to different parts of the brain. He goes on to tell the world that this proves there is no God. It was an absolute pleasure watching the Reddit crowd blow up over this one, and to see my atheist friends post it on their Facebook walls with such grave, epitaphic solemnities as "let mankind know knowledge instead of ignorance" and "science has done it at last!" (This time it's for sure, a … [Read more...]