5 People It’s Easy to Forget Are Catholic

1. Jack KerouacThe gentleman we can blame for hipsters and a prolific collection of beautiful, anti-establishment prose was a Catholic. He was no angel, and certainly not a practicing Catholic (he stopped attending Mass at 14), but it has been rightly pointed out that Jack Kerouac never left his Catholicism. The beat revolution -- which later seemed to think Kerouac was advocating moral relativism and playing crap music in coffee houses (which led to the hippies, who led to the hipsters) … [Read more...]

Andy Warhol, Gay and Catholic

It is considerably frustrating that Mr. Warhol was an ardent, believing, and practicing Ruthenian Rite Catholic. Such an immense failure of the intellect makes him impossible to idolize in precisely the manner we wish to idolize him: As a new-age, secular artiste, champion of unexamined homosexuality and all things hip, enemy of the repressed, the medieval, and the ancient.Now truly, Mr. Warhol was openly, undeniably gay, a laudable feat in a time less friendly to men with same-sex … [Read more...]

Get Thee (Or Your Friend) To a Nunnery

I'll keep it brief: Religious sisters are the greatest gift to mankind since beer.I myself felt called to be a nun before God directed me to a more lowly vocation. The Sisters of Life (I mention them in particular because I wrote their Wikipedia page) enflesh beauty. They radiate grace, joy, and peace from their very being. The world needs this kind of fiery charity and incredible feminism. The point of all this is simply to say: Let's facilitate even more vocations to the female religious … [Read more...]

On Catholic Design

Remember the Total Consecration App I was promoting a while ago? The gentleman who designed that, Matthew Sich, is the man, and he has some words of wisdom for the online Catholic community: It’s difficult to capture the essence of what I do with the few words afforded to a standard job title. After toying around for a while with a few variations, I usually settle with “web and iOS developer, and web and iOS designer,” but I always attempt to emphasize that I am a designer first and foremost bec … [Read more...]

Christopher West’s At the Heart of the Gospel…

...is an awesome book.It's the most reflective writing I've seen from West. He makes the crucial point that if we Christians can reclaim the human body as an icon that points to God, then we can evangelize the world. The Catholics of Patheos are using it to have a great discussion concerning sexuality, the Theology of the Body and all that beautiful stuff, over at the Patheos Book Club. (I especially enjoyed Brandon Vogt's writeup, which gives the book its proper background.) So go … [Read more...]

An Open Invitation To David Crowder To Join the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

Dear Mr. Crowder,Thanks to your fine work, I find myself in one of the most incredible moments of my music-loving, Christ-worshipping, Roman Catholic existence -- a Requiem Mass is the number 2 album in the world. That's right -- Album, not Christian album. Nestled comfortably between Adele's 21 and Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires -- as I'm sure you are very aware -- is David Crowder Band's Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C, [The Happiest of All Keys]).To the Christian, this is awesome. … [Read more...]

Occupy Christmas

The parishoners of St Raymond Church, repping Christ like no one's business. … [Read more...]

Fantastically Catholic Colbert Clips

Now I know, I know -- he's a satirist. And no, he's not particularly orthodox. But by Hollywood standards, Stephen Colbert is a pretty darn Catholic man. He frequents Mass, he teaches Sunday school, and has a habit of making new-agers and secularists in all their flavors look really, really stupid, even when he is being intentionally simplistic. Without further ado then: My favorite Colbert clips!The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cPhilip Zim … [Read more...]

On the St. Nick Punch

I know this story isn't precisely new to Cathologosphere, but frankly, it's irresistible. During the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea (AD 325) there was a big argument over the divinity of Christ. Arius -- a heretic -- was of the idea that Christ was not divine, but rather a mere creature. The Council gave him leave to speak, to defend his claims, and he did, yammering on -- I have no doubt -- in a relentless flood of sophistry.Jolly Old St. Nicholas -- oh yes, he was a bishop -- wasn't ha … [Read more...]

One of My Very Favorite Chesterton Essays…

Speaking of drinking...Wine When It Is RedI suppose that there will be some wigs on the green in connection with the recent manifesto signed by a string of very eminent doctors on the subject of what is called "alcohol." "Alcohol" is, to judge by the sound of it, an Arabic word, like "algebra" and "Alhambra," those two other unpleasant things. The Alhambra in Spain I have never seen; I am told that it is a low and rambling building; I allude to the far more dignified erection in … [Read more...]