Walker Percy Interviews Himself

The whole thing is priceless, but have my favorite part:Q: What kind of Catholic are you? A. Bad. Q: Are you a dogmatic Catholic or an open-minded Catholic? A: I don’t know what that means . . . . Do you mean do I believe the dogma that the Catholic Church proposes for belief? Q: Yes. A: Yes. Q: How is such a belief possible in this day and age? A: What else is there? Q: What do you mean, what else is there? There is humanism, atheism, agnosticism, Marxism, behaviorism, materialism, B … [Read more...]


Though I'm sure the complaint could be made that I only want to gain more readers, or that it's fun to make people feel depressed about themselves, I maintain that we're all bad Catholics. There's this misconstrued notion out there that, if one were to put the priest in the confessional and the sinner on a holiness chart, the priest would win. Or that the old lady praying rosaries is a good Catholic and the kid in the back, distracting her by playing loud music...well he's getting there. Perhaps … [Read more...]