On Wanting To Eat Your Baby

It is a tangible reality of human experience, that in the presence of a Beauty we let slip groans that sound an awful lot like dissatisfaction. In the light of some masterpiece of nature, we screw up our faces like we've stubbed a toe. In the quiet dark of of an old stone room, observing an icon or painting lit by candlelight, we may even cry. Tears and moans and groans are the songs Beauty sings. Beauty hurts.But if Beauty, by its very nature, creates this experience of dissatisfaction in t … [Read more...]

Music That Doesn’t Suck!

When I heard Audrey Assad was covering Pink Floyd's masterpiece Wish You Were Here, I thought no! One does not simply cover a legend! But I was being stupid. She rocks it, giving it a brand new depth of loneliness. Shoulda figured. The woman runs through vocal phrases like she's breathing. Buy it immediately.And hey, free music! Jars of Clay's 2012 Spring Tour Sampler! And The Civil Wars, a live CD with their excellent track "Poison and Wine" which you should all hear! (I'm assuming, of … [Read more...]

Christopher Hitchens and Groaning During Sex


Mr. Hitchens -- may he rest in peace -- was far too involved with Christianity to have ever become a Christian. If he had spent a little more time being an Atheist he might have considered the Body of Christ. But he couldn't leave the non-God alone. He spoke of Christianity more than Her priests. He engaged Her more than Her followers. He lived the life of a pious Christian with several thousand misunderstandings of Christianity. Forever seeing Her through a microscope of misconception, Hitchens … [Read more...]

On Catholic Design

Remember the Total Consecration App I was promoting a while ago? The gentleman who designed that, Matthew Sich, is the man, and he has some words of wisdom for the online Catholic community: It’s difficult to capture the essence of what I do with the few words afforded to a standard job title. After toying around for a while with a few variations, I usually settle with “web and iOS developer, and web and iOS designer,” but I always attempt to emphasize that I am a designer first and foremost bec … [Read more...]

Why Modern Man Wouldn’t Like Heaven (If He Had the Balls to Get There)

"The joys of heaven are for most of us, in our present condition, an acquired taste." I couldn't agree more with my boy Clive Staples, with whom I hang out on the weekend, smoke pipes and talk about babes. Most of us would dislike Heaven, if ever we were to get there.Take the modern, "just me, my bible, and Jesus" Christian. He rebels against institutionalized religion -- whatever on earth that means -- the "huge churches" -- as Jeff Bethke put it -- the wealth, the incense, the vestments, th … [Read more...]

On Being Made For Infinity

There is an ache within atheism an awful lot like unrequited love. There is a nameless and uncomfortable burning within nihilism, agnosticism, and all the lonely fashions of post-Christian man that rings of being rejected. But before I bother you with all that, let's go on a walk, you and I, around the Point in the hopes of arriving back again, full of understanding.The pain of unrequited love -- of being spurned or friend-zoned -- isn't confined to the mere absence of a loving r … [Read more...]

It’s the Best Day Ever!

Why? Yes, it's St. Valentine's and all that, but guys! Audrey Assad's new album Heart was released today! I was lucky enough to get a few pre-release copies, and I held a listening party at Steubie. Check it out:The album is absolutely brilliant. So much of Audrey's first album is completed by it -- the questions asked in The House You're Building are answered in Heart. (Not that that takes away from mystery and beauty contained in Heart, not by any stretch. The lyrics are just as … [Read more...]

An Open Invitation To David Crowder To Join the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church

Dear Mr. Crowder,Thanks to your fine work, I find myself in one of the most incredible moments of my music-loving, Christ-worshipping, Roman Catholic existence -- a Requiem Mass is the number 2 album in the world. That's right -- Album, not Christian album. Nestled comfortably between Adele's 21 and Snow Patrol's Fallen Empires -- as I'm sure you are very aware -- is David Crowder Band's Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C, [The Happiest of All Keys]).To the Christian, this is awesome. … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Fix of Great Catholic Art

A new, unreleased song from the Catholic-in-all-but-religion (a trifle, really) Mumford & Sons. Love it, be happy, and thank God for good music.If you're interested: Amazing Grace and Come Thou Font of Every Blessing.  … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Fix of Catholic Art – Mending

Awesome new hip-hop album from rapper Paradox and DJ Sean P.Go get ye some.  … [Read more...]