Let’s Murder the Non-Negotiables!

Every time someone says "non-negotiable moral issues" in the context of a Catholic's voting responsibility, a puppy full of hope, wonder, and plans for the future is thrown off a cliff. By me. And I don't even cry.So let's be absolutely clear. There is not, has never been, and probably never will be a definitive list of non-negotiable political issues that Catholics may not vote in favor of.This myth has been unintentionally promoted by folks like CatholicVote and Catholic Answers, … [Read more...]

Catholic Hospital Claims Fetus is not a Person!

The Huffington Post asked me to join them in a discussion about the now famous lawsuit against St. Thomas More Hospital in Colorado, a situation which has spawned a breed of headlines gleefully shouting "Catholic Hospital Claims Fetus Is Not a Person"! On the off-chance you're as shaky on the details as I was, have a description from the Huffsters: Lori Stodghill was 31-one years old, seven-months pregnant with twin boys and feeling sick when she arrived at St. Thomas More hospital in Cañon Ci … [Read more...]

Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby

In an attempt to prove to the world that theirs is an ideology neither outdated, nor blatantly unscientific, nor rapidly devolving into that ridiculous elitism blind beyond the narrow confines of its own minority view, the pro-abortion kids have made a YouTube video. It's excellent, with universal appeal, celebrating all the good ushered into the world by Roe vs. Wade, wait, sorry, wrong script, it's actually the creepiest shit you've ever seen.Nothing says, "Gosh, what a wonderful, un … [Read more...]

The disgrace of papal blessing for Ugandan homophobia

Jill Filipovic, in her remarkable piece "The disgrace of papal blessing for Ugandan homophobia" has put out her neck for the chopping. She is willing to speak the unspeakable, to forsake the usual orgy of intellectual self-pleasure, cast aside the shallow paradigm of unexamined vitriol, and say something the Internet has not the wherewithal to whisper: The Pope should -- wait for it -- modernize Catholic dogma.Oh, how she will be opposed! She'll have to wade through thousands upon thousands … [Read more...]

In Which The Guttmacher Institute Continues to be Awful

One of the more exciting hobbies of The Guttmacher Institute -- besides receiving annual donations from Planned Parenthood -- is demanding greater legal access to abortion in countries where abortion is restricted. This demand blooms from studies of these countries -- usually Guttmacher’s -- which consistently find high numbers of illegal abortions and abortion-related maternal deaths. Their message is simple: Legalize abortion, for there exists a massive need for it, and women are dying in t … [Read more...]

Catholics For Choice Whine To The Huffington Post: Everyone Leaves Feeling Gratified

Jon O'Brien, el Presidento of that fantastic institution known as "Catholics For Choice" has made the equally fantastic claim that "Nobody Gets to Say Who Is and Who Is Not Catholic". This is first and foremost odd, for if no one gets to say who is Catholic, then Jon certainly can't name his institution "Catholic". But he has, which means somebody -- namely him -- can say who is Catholic. (I do hope he -- in his benevolent authority -- will allow me to continue my use of the modifier.)But … [Read more...]

Sustainable Sex

I wrote this post for the wonderful Anglicans over at The Hipster Conservative. It's not safe for work, or school, or anywhere.Our culture is sexually schizophrenic.On the one hand, it has become acceptable to purchase torture porn at Barnes & Noble. On the other, as the Daily Mail reports, “around one per cent of the world’s population [approximately 70 million people] are ‘asexuals’ who feel no sexual attraction at all,” a growing group seeking recognition as the fourth sexual orien … [Read more...]

Why This Catholic Girl Is Praying For a Schism Part 2

...in which I begin appreciating the second part of Pesoli's article for The Huffington Post, Why This Catholic Girl is Praying For a Schism. When we left off, our author was yodeling the praises of Melinda Gates, whose decision to gift the poor with prophylactics and hormonal contraceptives came as the answer to Pesoli's prayers for more sensible behavior amongst high profile Catholics. Regarding the scathing criticism she's received from some Catholic bloggers,Gates responded that she w … [Read more...]

5 Things People Think Make Them Hardcore (And Why They Actually Make Them Christian)

Here's the bad news: We're desperate for symbolism and imagery to give some depth of dignity to our daily lives, but our culture offers us very little outside of the gaudy logos of fast food restaurants and insurance companies. Here's the good news: As a direct result of being symbolically starved, we make hilarious mistakes in our use of symbols. Without further ado then, 5 Things People Think Make Them Hardcore, and why they actually make them Christian.1. The PentagramThere comes a tim … [Read more...]

So You Still Think Homosexuality Is Sinful?

So there's a fantastic graphic being peddled around Facebook that's making me laugh. Check it:I'd first love to correct several blatant misreadings of Scripture, not for the sake of the Wannabe Gay Marriage Debate, but for the sake of Scripture, which deserves better.1. "Jesus never uttered a word about same-sex relationships."True. Nor did he utter a word about rape. Or genocide. Or running a crystal meth lab. Or suicide. Or pedophilia. To assume a man's approval of everything … [Read more...]