Part of what's great about being Catholic is that it makes things deeper. For instance, I was giving blood at my high-school the other day, and, happily watching it drip from my veins into a bag, I remembered that I had gone to mass that morning. Then that blew my mind, because I drank the blood of God at mass, which was assumedly running through the same veins that now had needles sticking out of them, giving blood. The sacrifice he made for me was, in a very real way, giving me the grace and … [Read more...]

Pictures of Naked Women!

Are not here, you dumbass.You get Hillaire Belloc instead, just for clicking on something you shouldn't. Actually, let's be honest, he is quite attractive...What is here is a post inspired by a guy who runs a blog, The Problem of Porn, about his experiences growing up in a family running a porno shop. I like reading what he says, because it's very honest, and it got me to thinking about the real problem of porn:The greatest crime of our pornographic culture is not … [Read more...]

Stop Saying “I Feel Like”

So I had planned to talk about the forces in the world that make it difficult to be a man, and give my own logical and well-planned thoughts on how to overcome them. Then I saw this, and realized it's already been covered.So, on to other business.We are not decisive. As a country, as a time, as individuals and as a people, one of our biggest, most idiotic flaws is our inability to choose a path and take it. This, by the way, is far worse than being on the completely wrong path. … [Read more...]