How to Act Like a Christian

In his work On the Eternal in Man, the philosopher Max Scheler argued that one must make religious acts. The human being is that type of being who is religious, whether he’d like it or not. This is backed up by the historical research of Mircea Eliade. Man will organize time into the sacred and the secular; organize space into holy and profane ground; say strange, liturgical things at the beginning of public ceremonies; look longingly for an ultimate significance to his life. Mankind will wo … [Read more...]

Identity Politics: Our Appetite For Destruction

Where does the genuine capacity for revolution come from? What wood fuels it? What wind whips it from a flicker of an idea into a forest-fire of action?Community is the source of all genuine revolution -- actual people working in daily, sweaty concert to achieve a good common to them all. A man can theorize or post about the need for a worker’s collective, a revitalized downtown, or a parish picnic until his typing fingers grow calloused. Only a living group of people with the will to act c … [Read more...]

Identity Politics: The New Polytheism

In the perfectly penned article “Safety Pins and Swastikas,” picked up by the socialist rag Jacobin, Shuja Haider makes the point that identity politics and white nationalism are fundamentally compatible. To summarize his argument a little brutally: when you reduce mainstream politics to the attempt to establish and represent your identity, you invite racists into mainstream politics. The language of identity is as appropriate for the alt-right as it is for oppressed minorities. They can snag a v … [Read more...]

How to Ethnically Spice Your Bland Ideology

A few years ago I found out that the pro-choice group, Catholics for Choice, were using stock photos of young, hip minorities to promote the idea that their message of catholicly-supporting-abortion had the support of cool people. They even put up their ads in Kenya so, you know, “ethnic folk” would have something to relate to:Shockingly, the Kenyan Catholic community were less than amped-up at being told what "good Catholics" do or do not do -- and their resistance didn't even take into … [Read more...]

Christian Voting in a Time Near the Apocalypse

The worst part about Trump is that, by being so obviously an ass, he has christened an entire population of thoughtless schmucks into politically-involved "liberals." Taking pride in your political participation by being anti-Trump is like taking pride in your driving abilities because you don't ram your truck into your neighbor's sun-room every time you park.The worst part about Hilary is that she doesn't exist. She is the vacuous lack of Trump that inspires the American voter. … [Read more...]

Making Bombs Out Of Friends

I wrote a piece arguing against the use of "real-life stories" as something opposed to principles. In reality, our lives are lived according to principles -- any moral argument that depends on narratives for its substance simply sneaks in principles through the back door. Here's what I forgot to mention:When personal narrative takes precedence over moral principles, the morally-justified man becomes the one with the greatest battery of relevant life-stories.This is hardly a novel … [Read more...]

The Difference Between a Narrative and an Argument Part 2

Warning: This post is Part 2 of this post.ISIS have busied themselves with new and creative ways to get Christians to reject their moral and religious beliefs. They cut off limbs, dip families in acid, crucify, behead, and generally live out the best practices the perverse marriage of apocalyptic Islam and Grand Theft Auto can birth. They’ve had limited success. In the interest of efficiency, I’d invite them all to take a few notes from the West. Here we understand that, while the fear of pai … [Read more...]

The Difference Between a Narrative and an Argument

There's something fishy about The Way We Talk About Right and Wrong. I get this: Person A: I think prostitution is wrong. Person B: I have 9 objections to your proposition. Person A: Bring it on. I also understand this: Person A: I think prostitution is dandy. Person B: I will hit you with a bat until you admit otherwise. Person A: Bring it on. But the our current dance through the fields of Big Moral Questions goes something like this: Person A: I think prostitution is wrong. Person … [Read more...]

Catholicity and Cultural Appropriation

There is no worse cultural appropriator than the Catholic. It’s as if she’s never even been on Tumblr. She prays on rosary-beads (Italian appropriations of the Eastern European chotki, which is, arguably, a North African appropriation of the Hindu prayer rope). She regularly participates -- without paying a modicum of lip-service to being an imperialist pig -- in Filipino devotions. She worships before Mexican icons -- which include symbolism rudely appropriated from the Aztecs. She hangs out wit … [Read more...]

Language of Love, Language of Rights

For all the warm feelings that squelch up into consciousness whenever we mention human rights (can you feel all 30 of them lodged in you chest?), and despite the festivity with which we annually gift the world with a New Universal Human Right (you just didn't know you had it yet, morons) -- the language of rights tends to make us miserable.A friendship described in terms of rights is far from friendly. I could only consider myself as having "the right to be respected" and my friend as having … [Read more...]