Making Worship Hip

Americana Christianity is all a-flutter about losing numbers -- or something -- a crisis to which pastors are responding by "making Christianity hip." This, at least, is the conclusion of the New York Times article Los Angeles Churches Make Worship...Hip? which, you guessed it, prescribes Hipness as the cure for Dwindling Congregation Syndrome -- a process which seems to involve having Justin Bieber play at your mega-church.All of which is bemusing to the Catholic, who knows that the … [Read more...]

The Mode in Which We Go To Mass

The mode in which a message is delivered has the power to negate the content of the message. I may express my undying fidelity for a particular woman with words true and well-phrased, but as long as I send these words in a text-message, I obscure my own meaning. I might post a beautiful image of God with a powerful excerpt from Holy Scripture on Facebook. My intent is zealous, my faith is real, the translation from the Hebrew is accurate -- and it is all rendered meaningless by being viewed … [Read more...]

Why I Receive Communion on the Tongue

Works regarding the reception of Communion usually contain an unsettling air about them, if only because (a) Catholics tend to be dicks over these matters and (b) they point to a difference between Catholics at the precisely the moment when Catholics claim all accidental differences cease. It is the Church's absurdly bold declaration that all become one in Christ. It follows that a notable difference in the reception of that very same Christ (in the Holy Eucharist) could be an opportunity for … [Read more...]

Reverent Rebellion

There is an assumption the super-hip-liberated man makes upon exposure to Catholic prayer, an assumption I am altogether too familiar with. He sees the kneeling, the folded hands, the bowing, and the posture and thinks -- if he is a super-liberated-heathen -- "Rebel! Stop cowering and sniveling before your deity! Have you no pride?" and if he is a super-liberated-Christian -- "God is love! Stop cowering! He doesn't care about your posture, or your clothes, he wants a personal relationship with y … [Read more...]

4 Ways (and a Bunch More Besides) That YOU Can Heal Our Stupid Liturgical Wounds

Talking the liturgical talk just don't add up to squat without the liturgical walk. I challenge every single human being in the entire universe who has opinions on the Liturgy to pray for the unity of the Church after every. single. exposition of those opinions. I mean it.If you're on Father Z's blog and you spend twenty minutes articulating why the Latin Mass is beautiful, you should spend twenty minutes imploring Our Lady for a greater devotion to the liturgy. If you are taking the time to … [Read more...]

There Is No Such Thing as a Charismatic Mass

Within our most marvelous, most excellent discussion of our So Very Sacred Liturgy, a few have brought up the fact of being both Traditional and Charismatic Catholics, and of seeing no problem between the convergence of these two. I agree, because the Liturgy is not Traditional, nor is it Charismatic; it simply is, and is attended by Charismatics, Traditionalists and all the rest. I do take issue, however, with the idea of a Charismatic Mass. It's not that I dislike the music or the expression … [Read more...]

Amidst Our Liturgical Differences…

...which should not exist, for we receive the liturgy, and do not create it, it is worth pointing out something we can all agree on: Liturgy itself is awesome. I did an amateur covering of this fact a while back, defending liturgy with three points.1. That Everyone uses a liturgy.2. That liturgy is essentially universal and wonderfully democratic.3. That the Liturgy is a gift.I'd like to think that those three post are decent 'primer posts' for discussion on the Liturgy, as I r … [Read more...]


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On Latin and Circumflubbergation

Heralding the swift-rising dawn of the New Translation, I'm making an extra college-sized effort to post on the Liturgy this and next week. My thesis is no secret: To label ourselves Traditional Catholics or Charismatic Catholics or Your Word Here Catholics in regards to the Liturgy is not helping the Church. Of course, of course; there are many wonderful species the Catholic genus might have. But when it comes to the Mass, they must be staid. Why? Because the Holy Mass is the thing itself. It … [Read more...]

Traddys vs. Moderns and the Stupidity Thereof

As the New Translation of the English Missal nears, I am getting more and more pumped about the Liturgy. It is the greatest thing since sex. (And I do not mean that flippantly; the marital union is but a shadow of the union attained at the wedding feast between Heaven and Earth.)But alas and alack and areallylame, these seem to be the days when one must 'pick sides' in regards to the Liturgy, between the (what?) Traditionalists? Conservative Catholics? Latin-Massers? and the (who?) … [Read more...]