The Crookedhart Emails – Re: Death by a Conviction in Mantillas

No, this is not the lucky result of a google image search. This is Crookedhart. More on it later!Dear Rothoof,I'm happy - a poor choice of word, I know - to hear that your man has found out about Catholic factions. Not to be too optimistic, though we did invent that particular worldview, but this may be all you need to drag him down into our warm, warm, inviting arms. I should rephrase, at any rate. From your email it does not seem that your man has 'found out' factions, for to find … [Read more...]

In Defense of Liturgy the Third

So if everyone practices liturgy, as we began, and if the liturgical denominations have the most accessible and universal liturgy of them all, as we continued, and Catholics the Greatest Liturgy Ever in the Holy Mass (sorta snuck that in, didn't I?), the question remains: why is it so great to have an accessible liturgy? Ignoring the obvious positives accessibility brings, surely that is not all liturgy is. The real question this time, I promise: what is liturgy? After all, I gave you but two of … [Read more...]

In Defense of Liturgy the Second

If, like I've shown, everyone practices liturgy, why then is there a distinction between liturgical denominations and Evangelicals? Why does the latter get grumpy with the former about all their rules, motions and symbols? Now, the common answer goes something like this: "Because, Catholic and Lutheran and all the rest, your ancient liturgy is overly complicated, elitist, snobbish, pretentious, and dripping with wealth. It is all high and detached, boring, old, stuck-in-the-pews, unrelatable to t … [Read more...]

In Defense of Liturgy the First

We've all been there before; still high from the joy of the Mass when, in what can only be termed as a sabbatical buzz-kill, we are approached by the Christian who demands our attention and asks, "Why all the rules, rites and rituals, papist? Why all the custom and tradition? Surely God wants us to love him freely, to approach him personally, authentically, from our hearts: So why the pews, the candles, the kneeling and crossing of thyself?" Or perhaps the question was put to us a little more … [Read more...]