5 Things We Should Think About Before We Say “Slut-Shaming”

Hyphenate the word "shaming," and boom, you've got a ready-made evil, a buzzword everyone on Facebook agrees is something Very Bad -- slut-shaming, body-shaming, single-shaming, fat-shaming, formula-shaming or, ah, sunscreen-shaming. I agree with Mark Peters, when he wrote for Slate that "shaming is probably already finished as a meaningful word," and even more so with Callie Beusman, when she wrote for Jezebel that "telling someone she's slut-shaming has mutated into a method of dismissing her a … [Read more...]

Death, Split Selves, and Demons: The Dopest Album on Your Otherwise Dopeless iPod

When I first played twenty one pilots' new album, Blurryface, I was not looking to be falcon-punched in the feels, nor stabbed in the precise sliver of brain that panics about dying, never amounting to anything, and eternal damnation -- but these Columbus kids are all about plunging the soul. The salty drum-and-synth combo of their songs is satisfying enough to delude the unsuspecting listener into thinking he can bob his head without facing his demons. But right from the first song -- where G … [Read more...]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and LOVE My Smartphone

I was on an anti-technology soapbox for a while. But I realized something today, and I've since been bubbling with a new appreciation for my generation's enthusiastic use of hip and with-it tech: Having a smartphone is like being in love.We are reassured by the physical presence of our beloved, by the fact that we can reach out and touch her. So we are reassured by the solid weight of an iPhone on our thigh -- we reach down and touch our phone, just to know that it is still there.We … [Read more...]

Women Swiftly Running Out Of Things That Aren’t Sexy

I expect the world to go about its regular denigration of women -- I just wish members of the Church would stop helping them.Let's start with the basics. Women, and I have this on strict authority, are people. As such, they are sexual beings -- but not merely.The problem with our culture is its tendency to view women as merely sexual beings, a fact made painfully obvious by our nation's general inability to see a breast as anything but an object of sexual arousal.The problem with out … [Read more...]

Why Christians Say “Encounter”

Christians have adopted the term “encounter” to describe a standard run-in with God. We inchworm our way through Scripture in high hopes of “encountering Christ in the Gospels.” We give alms (sometimes) and “encounter Jesus in the poor.” We run retreats, bible-studies, and prayer groups out of an earnest desire to “encounter” God’s love. I want to defend this verb so naturally pinned onto things Almighty. It has a firmness to it, not by some accidental linguistic trend, but because it contains a … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood and the Myth of the Sheepish, Dependent, Ethically Mono-chromed Woman

Planned Parenthood use the term "women" to demarcate a group they support, trust, and represent. Since not all women want to be supported, trusted or represented by Planned Parenthood, we must charitably assume that the organization is referring to an idea of women, and not to that actual, wonderful population -- les personnes de sexe féminin. As such, Planned Parenthood are responsible for defining the boundaries of their idea, i.e. when they say "women want _____" they implicitly exclude women … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood and the Myth of the Sheepish, Dependent, Ethically Mono-chromed Woman (Introduction)

Planned Parenthood stand with “women.” Assumedly this means something.It cannot mean that Planned Parenthood -- in their actions, goals, and professed beliefs -- stand for the all-inclusive category of “every human person with two "x" sex chromosomes.” 57% percent of women are in favor of abortion being illegal in all or most circumstances (20%, 37%, respectively). Planned Parenthood -- who daily bemoans laws limiting abortion, manufacturing a menagerie of pink graphics protesting any and all … [Read more...]

7 Totally Epic Rules For Writing on the Internet

 Rule number 6 is so incredibly true, it hurts.1. A prostitute has sex for money. Internet-writers write about sex for money. Try your utmost to remember the difference between your writing and prostitution. 2. The Internet-writer is not paid for being read. He is paid for putting people into contact with the advertisements crowding his designated pixel-space. The more his work is viewed, the more the advertisements around his work are viewed. By increasing the sale of products he doesn't ca … [Read more...]

A Great Conflation

Part 2 of a series.Seeking to find out who-we-are from the observation of what-we-usually-do would be fine -- if we were something other than persons. Gravity may be given an identity based on its typical "action," defined as "the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth," but a person is that type of being with the terrifying capacity to act against who he is. He defies being defined by his usual actions because he is always free to act otherwise.We may observe, for … [Read more...]

Magic and Myers-Briggs

Personality tests can be accurate and helpful. People taking these tests tend to scare me. For a long time I conflated the test with its takers and thus developed a longstanding, unthought, ideological commitment to freaking out whenever anyone tried to pin my possible personality type. Phrases like "don't crush me with your overburdened psychological systems" were common. Deliberately confusing the meanings of "sanguine" and "phlegmatic" so I wouldn't accidentally associate myself with any … [Read more...]