3 Reasons Porn Sucks

I don't think opposition to the pornography industry is a religious issue. Here's why: 1. Sex Trafficking The word pornography comes from pornos, prostitute, and grapho, to depict or write, meaning "depicting prostitutes." We seem to be waking up to the possibility that the word's etymology may very well be a description of reality. Pornography is fundamentally an experience of bought sex.In the purchase of pornography, we pay for sexual arousal. We do not simply pay money for a video -- … [Read more...]

Ghosts With Erections

This is so blisteringly obvious that it's hardly worth mentioning, but there is a difference between the high-school proms of our grandparents and the proms of current high-school kids. A brief survey of 1950's-1960's prom footage shows, somewhat shockingly, that there was dancing. That is, there were dances and people knew them. Men held the hips of women cupping the shoulders of their man, shuffling through sets of understood and pre-ordained movements of the foot and sways of the waist, … [Read more...]

Modesty Sets Fire

What Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said is true, and damn true: "The Catechism was not written to please you. It will not make life easy for you, because it demands of you a new life." Its teaching on modesty is so explosive that, would we believe and actualize it, we would convert. But I suspect we prefer monotony to metanoia, commentary to action, and porn to everything else. We'll enthusiastically "note" the demands of the universal Church as "interesting," and immediately -- go back to sleep. (W … [Read more...]

Modesty is Honesty

You, dear reader, are the only person in existence who knows you are a subject, an I, an unique consciousness, and an individual perspective in the Cosmos. I do not know you are a subject, for to know that would be to experience your subjectivity, that is, to be you.Indeed, forgive me, how rarely I can even muster up the faith necessary to believe you are a subject! When I see you in the crowd, the car, the mall, the hall -- I see you as an object amongst many, not as a unique person. When I … [Read more...]

Things Modesty Hasn’t a Damn Thing to Do With

Our sexless, sterile, intolerably flaccid, bored, addicted, all-but-objectified, whored-out, frigid, entirely depersonalized, anti-erotic culture wouldn't know modesty if she took her shirt off and flashed us in an episode of Girls With Low Self-Esteem. (Not that she would, being modest.) This seems apparent in our inability to articulate a definition or criticism of modesty that isn't immediately suspect.Mainstream feminists stumble through their obligatory vocabulary to tell an uncaring uni … [Read more...]

Virginity is Sexual

This post will probably make a lot more sense if you read Is Female Purity Bullshit? and Is Purity Culture Sexist? first.Virginity is sexual.This is difficult to grasp in a post-Christian culture which lacks the social presence of nuns and religious sisters in daily life. We are educated to laud and await the day we'll misplace our all-too-clingy virginity, making it impossible to imagine a beautiful woman freely and joyfully giving up everything she owns, shaving her head, taking up the … [Read more...]

Is the “Purity Culture” Sexist?

When discussing purity as it relates to our awesome, sexually-liberated culture, it's best to begin with a brief history of the female breast. The bosom has been through a lot, but allow me to point out its place in two distinct time periods, one Christian and one post-Christian.According to the traditional feminist narrative, a heavily Christian culture that promotes purity -- and even virginity -- would be a culture busy repressing the hell out of the female breast, while a liberal, … [Read more...]

Is Female Purity Bullshit?

Yerp, says the wonderful Lindy West of Jezebel.Her critique comes from being righteously pissed over an evangelical culture which has guys saying they want a "pure" girl without defining their terms. She discusses "sex-ed" classes which liken women who have had sex before marriage to chewed up pieces of gum no one wants. Allow me to murder my way through her thesis: "Purity" is a vague, repressive expectation imposed on women by men, a unique method of controlling female sexuality, with the … [Read more...]