Things Modesty Hasn’t a Damn Thing to Do With


Our sexless, sterile, intolerably flaccid, bored, addicted, all-but-objectified, whored-out,¬†frigid, entirely depersonalized,¬†anti-erotic¬†culture¬†wouldn't know modesty if she took her shirt off and flashed us in an episode of Girls With Low Self-Esteem. (Not that she would, being modest.) This seems apparent in our inability to articulate a definition or criticism of modesty that isn't immediately suspect.Mainstream feminists stumble through their obligatory vocabulary to tell an uncaring uni … [Read more...]

Virginity is Sexual


This post will probably make a lot more sense if you read Is Female Purity Bullshit?¬†and Is Purity Culture Sexist?¬†first.Virginity is sexual.This is difficult to grasp in a post-Christian culture which lacks the social presence of nuns and religious sisters in daily life. We are educated to laud and await the day we'll misplace our all-too-clingy virginity, making it impossible to imagine a beautiful woman freely and joyfully giving up everything she owns, shaving her head, taking up the … [Read more...]

Is the “Purity Culture” Sexist?


When¬†discussing purity as it relates to our awesome, sexually-liberated culture, it's best to begin with a brief history of the female breast. The bosom has been through a lot, but allow me to point out its place in two distinct time periods, one Christian and one post-Christian.According to the traditional feminist narrative, a heavily Christian culture that promotes purity -- and even virginity -- would be a culture busy repressing the hell out of the female breast, while a liberal, … [Read more...]

Is Female Purity Bullshit?


Yerp, says the wonderful Lindy West of Jezebel.Her critique comes from being righteously pissed over an evangelical culture which has guys saying they want a "pure" girl without defining their terms. She discusses "sex-ed" classes which liken women who have had sex before marriage to chewed up pieces of gum no one wants.¬†Allow me to murder my way through her thesis: "Purity" is a vague, repressive expectation imposed on women by men, a unique method of controlling female sexuality, with the … [Read more...]