Real Confession

Confession is the best. I am absolutely convinced of this fact because the sacrament is one of the few Catholic Things that atheists, agnostics, and members of other religions will get - at worst - only mildly annoyed about and - at best and most usually - wishful, dreamy and sentimental about. Honestly, the number of atheists and agnostics I talk to who deny the remotest possibility of a relationship with God and then ask, in a somewhat timid, casual tone, "Can people who aren't Catholic go to … [Read more...]

Catholicism: Making Rockstars Since 36 A.D.

"When people have told me that because I am a Catholic, I cannot be an artist, I have had to reply, ruefully, that because I am a Catholic, I cannot afford to be less than an artist."The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cExclusive - 2011: A Rock Odyssey Featuring Jack White - Catholic Throwdownwww.colbertnation.comColbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video ArchiveSo said our dear Flannery O'Connor, and … [Read more...]

The Crookedhart Emails – Re: You’re an Idiot

Dear Rothoof,There's just no other way to say it: You are an inadequate excuse for a demon. I told you which church to send him to, did I not? I told you that the ideal situation for your man to be in was one of considering Catholicism as merely another denomination, to see The Church as a church. This would have been delightful, as it subtly creates in the man a lack of commitment, a sense of well-I-can-always-leave-for-another that would dull him. The Bride of Christ would have been, for … [Read more...]

Because the Church Is Too Powerful

The second issue for me is the institution... the Catholic church... it had and still has too much power.. and it's authority is justified through the divine, a source of power which is really unchecked... And now if the church used it's power to do good things in the world.. I could ignore that.. but that's not the case.. And now you'll tell me that the church helps plenty and donates to charity and whatnot... but does that excuse all the other bad deeds the Catholic church has done? Can't we … [Read more...]

Because I’m Terrified

Why am I not Catholic? Because I still have theological issues to work out. I refuse to enter into Catholicism unless I can accept what it fully teaches...On a more personal level, I am terrified, and thus in a stalemate...Yet, what am I to do? I cannot lie to any Church if I were to join half-heatedly, nor can I lie to myself and convert without full acceptance of doctrine, practice, etc. I am of like mind and spirit with G.K Chesterton - no surprises there - when he demanded that our religion … [Read more...]

Do Something Crazy

Wear a hairshirt. Get a backpack full of rocks and run to your church. Organize a Eucharistic procession through the streets of your town. Build a massive bonfire in honor of an obscure saint you found on the Internet in your backyard. Because I don't know if you've noticed, but this world has gotten boring, and could use some Catholics violently expressing their faith.For example, check out this story that I posted on facebook awhile back. What coolness. That judge was on to something. We … [Read more...]

Culturally Catholic, Baby.

Culture baby, culture: The Oberammergau Passion PlayBeing the hardcore Catholic folk that you are, the phrase "culturally Catholic" might set you snarling. But grant me just a moment to attempt a turn-of-phrase. I maintain that those who - somewhat sullenly - call themselves "only culturally catholic" - as in "yeah-my-parents- make-me-go-to-church-but-I'm-still-hip-enough-to-think-gay-sex-is-awesome" - tend to have utterly no idea what Catholic culture is, much less a history of p … [Read more...]

Our Badass Faith

I'm sure you folks have already had a gander at this 'un, but have a good ol' God-It's-Sweet-That-I'm-Catholic moment on me:I maintain that, besides inventing the university system, modern agriculture, preserving intellectualism, creating the Scientific Method, The Enlightenment, uniting a nation, halting the Muslim takeover of the world, and building a few cool churches along the way (etcetera ad infinitum), Christianity invented Badassery, a word I long to be included into the modern … [Read more...]

Dear Protestants #2 – Why We Should Fight

It doesn't help that it's incoherent, either. Really? The long withstanding hatred between peace and women needs to be resolved? And "The Bab" are major players all the sudden?In this pristine and relativistic world, the hardest part of any decent fight is starting a decent fight. Specifically in terms of religion, we are taught that argument shouldn't happen at all, that it's bad taste to believe you are right. Haven't you seen those cute little bumper stickers demanding that we … [Read more...]

Dear Protestants #1 — Reconciliation

Protestants, do you know why we Catholics go to reconciliation? Do you know why we confess our sins to a priest? I ask because lately I've been hearing a lot of complaint from you folks - mostly Evangelicals and Baptists - about "antiquated teaching", "humiliation", "unecessary guilt" and a whole lot of ruckus about some fellow named Jesus being the only mediator between God and man. Which is why I, the confessional's most frequent visitor, have got some fightin' words to throw down.The first … [Read more...]