The Facebook Timeline and the Disintegration of Memory


The Jews said that idol-worshipers would become like their idols. Well, God save the Jews -- we are becoming our computers. We memorize less -- we "access" more. We "open files" on command, use them, and consign them to an oblivion from which they rarely arise.How heartbreakingly obvious this is in Internet "debates," wherein combox-combatants look up their arguments as they argue, google logical fallacies as they accuse each other of them, gathering evidence as it becomes necessary. It's … [Read more...]

Oh, for a beautiful memory!


Somewhere at the tail-end of trying to memorize a poem...there lives the dearest freshness deep down strikes me that memory is not, contrary to popular description, "like storing information on a computer." Computer-storage is like whatever memory is.Computers store, but do not memorize, for our memories do not sit discreetly as Microsoft Word files in the corner of some tidied desktop, waiting to be accessed. They leaps into our hearts. They invade our minds, unasked … [Read more...]