The Facebook Timeline and the Disintegration of Memory


It's probably the most boring piece of social commentary possible -- "We have more information at our fingertips than ever before!" -- but "available information" is a far cry from information really in-forming us, dwelling within us as a living presence, the memorized poem leaping into the mind, the myth accompanying our experiences and guiding our actions, the anecdotes, psalms, and lessons branded on the heart, acting as our own personal Virgil through this tear-stained purgatory.The … [Read more...]

Oh, for a beautiful memory!


Somewhere at the tail-end of trying to memorize a poem...there lives the dearest freshness deep down strikes me that memory is not, contrary to popular description, "like storing information on a computer." Computer-storage is like whatever memory is.Computers store, but do not memorize, for our memories do not sit discreetly as Microsoft Word files in the corner of some tidied desktop, waiting to be accessed. They leaps into our hearts. They invade our minds, unasked … [Read more...]