The Communist That Lives With Me Responds: “Your Political Theology is not Radical Enough”

Since this discussion of identity politics began in dialogue with the Leftists, I thought I'd let a real, living one on the blog to hash things out more thoroughly.  It tickles me, I must admit, to know that the BadCatholic has gone out of his way to draw up my favorite topic of discussion -- political theology.  And given that he’s also referenced one of my favorite “socialist rags”, it seems like I have to respond in some way.  If I’m going to take Marc Barnes seriously in his claim tha … [Read more...]

The Weekly Pulp and Platter

Start a tradition with me. Every week I'd like to recommend a book (pulp) and a record (platter) with some kind of internal connection. This week, I'm reading Wendell Berry's collection of essays Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community. It was so thoughtful, so articulate, and so funny in its defense of a holistic view of the person, well, I wrote my first ever Amazon review of it. My favorite 3 quotes:  1. The sign of exceptionally smart people is that they speak a language that is intelligible o … [Read more...]

The Radical Reverse Engineering of Pope Francis

"Foolery, sir, does walk about the orb like the sun. It shines everywhere."  Pope Francis writes too damn much. It really doesn't matter how much pastoral wisdom and warmth one emanates, a 300-page document will only be read by those who have a career-interest in reading 300 pages -- bloggers, ideologues, headline-hawkers and conspiracy theorists. Given that, for these careerists, What Anyone Says About Same-Sex Attraction will sell more effectively than What Anyone Says About the Divine I … [Read more...]

The Joy of Love

You ever get that thing where you're asked to review Pope Francis' new exhortation and it's groovy and you like it...but then you remember Pope Benedict......and you're trying to be all, "hey, not every Pope can be a witty, concise, revolutionary theologian" but now all you can think about is Intro to Christianity and Deus Caritas Est and Called to Communion and every essay Ratzinger ever published for Communio......and you've still got 200 pages of Amoris Laetitia to go a … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality Sucks

NSFWThe Internet is weird. It is home, not just to the ability to order a wife, instagram yourself beheading Shia militants, or preach the Gospel, but also to several millions of images of hyper-sexualized childhood cartoon characters, of whom, for no discernible reason, Sonic the Hedgehog reigns supreme.Why? Seriously, why do we add penises to Pokemon and extramarital acts to Mario? Why do we describe (with all the grammatical fluidity of a drunken 13-year-old with dislocated thumbs) … [Read more...]

I experienced something and that something was nothing

I'm not trying to be butt about other people's near-death experiences. When I mangle myself in a car or by insulting a bear, I'm sure I'll regret this. But there's a silliness indulged by the skeptic that makes me counter-skeptical, and seeing as this silliness has been well-expressed in a recent news article, I'm going to give it a swing.When one says there is "nothing" after death, they've usually snuck "something" into their "nothing." A recent and briefly-dead fellow said this rather … [Read more...]

The Case for Complicating Sex

My generation’s sitcoms still refer to sex as a fun, healthy, and fundamentally light activity -- something between a pelvic workout and an exciting way to say, "hey, I totally respect your need for meaningful self-expression." It is, as aging sexologists assure us, a normal behavior that we all ought indulge as a way of "relieving tension." We may agree -- who wouldn’t want it to be true? -- but we nod with the sadness of a generation raised on divorced families, infidelity, immense sexual vio … [Read more...]

The Humor of Salvation

The Catholic Church is criticized for sneaking an attitude of "merit" into her followers. We believe (so we are informed) that we can "gain" Heaven by some weight of action. The critique is best expressed as a sneer: "What, you confess your sins to the priest and, voila, you're forgiven your murder, theft, child-molestation? Hike a trail, kiss the knee-bone of a Saint, and the grace of God floods into your heart?" Catholics pretend to conquer the Infinite God through some knockout combo of … [Read more...]

Can a Catholic Feel the Bern?

The question I've been asking myself, watching the 2-year, extra-masturbatory edition of American Idol known as the Presidential Campaign, is, quite simply -- am I feeling the Bern? And in truth, my bitter, cynical, and frozen political fingers are at least luke-warmed by the guy, if only because he seems so bad at being confident, hip, and attractive. And because (and this is an aesthetic judgment) he seems honest. Comically wrong about a few life-or-death issues, but honestly wrong.Now the … [Read more...]

How Paul Simon Reminded Me That Hey, Jesus Is Surprising

I have the misfortune of trying to love philosophy and God at the same time. The difficulties in doing both are boring and well-chronicled. Suffice to say that it wears on my already-weak spirit, to shift from the Bible, wherein God changes his mind, to the classroom, wherein God cannot change. My mind blisters to hear my priest say that God "sings and dances over his children," delights in our works and sorrows over our sins -- only to hear from my professor that God cannot be affected by his c … [Read more...]