Death Metal Ain’t Got Nothing On Us

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy frightfully near, when I was caught in the awkward throes of middle-school, Black Metal and Death Metal were where it was at. In fairness, I attended a British military school in Germany, which sort of implies dysfunction.Regardless, a good number of my friends were infatuated with drugs, wearing dead/dying/skeletal guitar players on their t-shirts, and rocking their satanic symbols. (What's metal without corporate merchandise?)There was the pentagram, … [Read more...]

How To Be Sorry

It's a meaningful truth about the Church, that she restores true meaning to our distorted language. Thus being scandalous is not simply 'being publicly sinful' or 'wearing a little clothing at a lot of clubs', as our Pop music might suggest. It is leading the innocent astray by sinful example. In this sense, a prostitute might be innocent of scandal, for who is led to believe that pre-marital sex is virtuous by the example of prostitution? Our President, however, is guilty of scandal in his … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A Sexual Revolution

(Got this from a wonderful woman over email, who prefers to remain anonymous. I love this, because it mirrors the path of so many women to the Church's teachings! Read it!)When I was younger, I thought I was a revolutionary. Like most other people in my generation, I was encouraged to be different. I was encouraged to challenge the status quo for my own good and take control of my life. The third-wave feminists behind magazines like Bust! and organizations like “VOX” (aka Planned Parenthood) tol … [Read more...]

The Secret About Morality

It's been a while since I grappled with the idea that Catholicism is 'too focused on rules, on taking away my freedom', simply because I'd forgotten people still think that. (Seriously, you spend enough time absorbed in Catholicism and the phrase, "Catholics are too strict" starts to sound like an ironic joke told in subtle tones by a bucketful of hipsters.) No, it's the Church who offers true freedom. The world is too damn strict. Like most things worth thinking, this takes a little more than … [Read more...]

The Inherent Awkardness Of Being Pro-Choice

There I was, being normal, testing the murky waters of a potential romance, when a particular girl told me she was a vegetarian.Me: Bummer.Her: Do you eat veal?Me: Uh, well, no, because it's not often offered to me-Her: I never eat veal. Do you know what veal is?Me: Baby cow-Her: It's baby cow!Me: Yes. Yes it is.Her (tearing up): Do know that they sometimes kill the baby cows within months of them being born, just so they'll taste nice and tender?Me (lying): Yeah, it's terrible. I heard that … [Read more...]

Looking Up

There are two ways to look up. The first is done while screaming.If the world has no value outside of being spewed up by Chance, we cannot aspire to anything but a fear beyond fear; terror in sight of the poker face that is the vastness of space. If the atheists are right, then we are nothing. If Earth truly is an insignificant dust mote swept into an insignificant galaxy by monumental and purposeless brooms, contained in a universe that is one of many, inexplicably and forever cycling, or … [Read more...]

We Are Catholic – My World Youth Day Documentary

So there you have it. Share with all you friends, post on Facebook, or use it to bring your youth groups to Rio! Much love from room 228 in Louis dorm. … [Read more...]

The Pope Arrives!

...and we meet girls from Texas!I think this is the last video before I make a legit one that I need you all to share. There's so much more to write about, but know time, we have a flight in something like 5 hours. … [Read more...]

Indian Music and Catechesis

“Having a clear faith, based on the creed of the church, is often labeled today as a fundamentalism. ... Whereas relativism, which is letting oneself be tossed and 'swept along by every wind of teaching,' looks like the only attitude acceptable to today's standards.” B16I still actually write! Check it out at: VirtuousPla.netAlso, these videos are easy to make, and a lot of fun, but I'm making a legit one, full of interviews from around the world, for the purpose of embracing the entire uni … [Read more...]

It Begins!

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