The Failure of Containment

What can I possibly tell you that you don't know already? After all this time, our God still dines with prostitutes and sinners. After all this time, still he calls us from the trees we hide and peer from, looks with love in our eyes and says, "Tonight I change your life." And yet, after all this time, he is still the mad, mad Creator God, who dances a dance incomprehensible to we who waltz the world, though exhilarating none the less. He is at once overwhelmingly outside of us, the … [Read more...]

Our Daily Bread

Fasting makes bread delicious. Next fast, when you're really hungry and the blessed time of 'one small meal' finally rolls around, go out, buy a small loaf, say grace and eat. Not Wonderbread crap; real stuff. You'll see what I'm writing about, I promise: Because when you have nothing, it's the essentials you'll love the most. In contradiction to the wealthy who say, "I'm making another million so I can focus on my family" or the workaholic who says "I am working everyday so I'll have time to do … [Read more...]

Because Your Parents Are Catholic

Why aren't you Protestant, Muslim, or Hindu? Because your society and/or your parents didn't teach you that. There is no good reason to choose any one religion over another.Abemore introduces an argument against Catholicism that's actually one I've struggled with. Am I Catholic because that's simply how I've been raised? Is my faith no more than an attempt to please my parents? No, is the short answer. The long one follows:1. No, because of converts. While I am not convert myself, I know enough … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t You Catholic?

That's the question. I'd like you, be you an ex-Catholic or an atheist, a Protestant or a Buddhist, to answer. Any honest responses will be given equally honest attention, neither "slanging [nor] silence".For, as the Anglicans become Catholic, as the Eastern Orthodox Church declares greater communion, as members of even the Lutheran Church seek entrance, and as the Church herself grows ever greater throughout the world, the time swiftly approaches when your reason for staying … [Read more...]

A Streak of Color

Haters gonna hate.Alright, today's the day. For those of you who might actually live in Ireland, let me explain how we Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We congregate, pull up our family trees, point out the maiden name of our mothers and grandmothers, claim a 1/4 Irish status, even if we know it's less, and start partying like we actually know anything about your country. We eat corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, and pretend like we've been eating them all year. Catholics have the real … [Read more...]

All Things New

I went to confession and Holy Communion last week, and theoretically - in my head and based on what my faith teaches me - I was made new. Theoretically, I was a Saint walking out of that confessional, in the state of grace,  a being born again. I say this was mere theory because - while I believe it to be totally true - there was no feeling of 'being new' that accompanied Reconciliation, no sensation of water washing over me as I received absolution. And there is absolutely … [Read more...]

Wait, There’s Catholic Media?

So it's Catholic Media Promotion Day. If you don't know what it is, then you are quite simply not invited to the cool kid's club, your hair is probably a mess, and you might as well give up any major commitments you've made in your life. It's that awesome.Catholic Blogger [kath-uh-lik blog·ger] - 1. One who quotes G.K. Chesterton at the beginning of his or her blog, then hopes no one notices that the rest of the post takes a long time restating what he already said in that one quote. 2. One w … [Read more...]

Miracles! Atheists! Bears!

There are times - frustrating times - when our religion is a leap of faith; a walk into the yawning darkness. There are times when our daily prayer crumbles into daily mantra, and we feel guilty of every charge the new atheist brings against us; we are brain-washed, we are ignorant, we were fools ever to believe. There are times of dryness. There are times when God really seems dead. And then there is Every Time Else.And Every Time Else - with apologies paid to saints experiencing the dark night … [Read more...]

My Sex Education

...was taught by Planned Parenthood. Which is funny, because they're stupid.In walks the lady with her box of condoms, handing out surveys. I forget the exact questions, except that they all had yes or no answers, and - sadly - no answer entitled, "what the hell is wrong with you, that's the dumbest thing anyone's ever asked me in my life." So I was forced to write it in. Wait, one question I do remember: "Do you think birth control education will reduce abortions?"O.K. Clearly these … [Read more...]


Watching the devastation sweep over Japan has convinced me of a few things: that we are sheltered, comfortable and safe. As our brothers and sisters have their houses ripped away from them, we have ours still, and likely heated to the temperatures we want them to be. This dichotomy is no fault of our own, but our response to the gaping gap of comfort is entirely our responsibility. So, in the same vein of what we discussed earlier, let's become earthquake victims.So much food has been lost; let … [Read more...]