Unintentional Fetal Depersonalization

To tell the truth poorly is to make a mockery of it, even if you’re right. - Sam RochaIt is a self-proclaimed aim of the pro-life movement that the world recognize the unborn child as an unique life and a particular personality -- and subsequently not kill him. Simple request, really, this not-killing-people business. Those supporting the conservation of abortion have yet to articulate a successful evasion of our ethical demand, though from what I understand, they're working on it.But K … [Read more...]

Repentance as Time Travel

Part 3 of a series beginning to see the light of day. Summary of Part 1: If we desire our lives to be meaningful, we must be rid of sin, for sin is that-which-ought-not-be, and no meaning can be riddled with that-which-ought-not-be and remain consistent meaning, as no story can contain absurdities that contradict the entire story while remaining a good story.Summary of Part 2: If our sins were merely concrete moments in an unreachable past, we'd all be screwed. If time was strictly … [Read more...]

The Ethical Necessity of Time Travel

Part 2 of a series hardly worth talking about. Sin is not religious. It is a theistic-atheistic, equal-opportunity steel-boot to the groin the entirety of humanity is doubled-over and groaning with. To be a sinner is not simply to have offended some brooding moral order which thereafter holds you in cosmic contempt. To be a sinner is to contain within yourself the reality of having done what you ought not have done. There is hardly a human alive -- no matter how hip -- who can coherently … [Read more...]

How to Die a Damn Good Story

Part 1 of a terribly depressing series. I wish to die a damn good story. I want to carve out for myself a meaningful slice of existence. I want to leave, along with a good-looking corpse, a coherent narrative that says something, not a garble of unconnected life-events fading unresolved into nothingness as the blood dries. I'd like to be a story, and this is more than a daydream of me-as-Sherlock, man-as-protagonist. This is suicide prevention.The desire for life to be a good story makes … [Read more...]

You Are Poor

I wanted to be a wealthy, self-made man. I tried, but got stuck on the awfully obvious fact that wealth depends on existence. I must first exist in order to own my books, Apple products and college savings. Such an simple truth, but such a prickly problem for a man about the business of being wealthy, that is, of owning much. For do I own my existence?No. Upon extremely little reflection, I have come to understand that my existence is as given as soup ladled into a bowl by an obnoxious youth … [Read more...]

Pope Francis on Synodality

Bet you ten bucks Pope Francis ends the Schism: On June 29, during the ceremony of the blessing and imposition of the pallium on 34 metropolitan archbishops, Pope Francis spoke about “the path of collegiality” as the road that can lead the church to “grow in harmony with the service of primacy.” So I ask: “How can we reconcile in harmony Petrine primacy and collegiality? Which roads are feasible also from an ecumenical perspective?”The pope responds, “We must walk together: the people, the b … [Read more...]

Towards a Truly Compassionate Eugenics

Eugenics is back, tied to unthought ideals of freedom and compassion that lend it an exciting sucrose flavor -- and keep us from ever calling it eugenics.Back in the good old 100 years ago, if you happened to be one of those humans deemed "unfit" by society, your sterilization was simply required. Over 30 American states had mandatory sterilization laws to be applied to some combination of "confirmed criminals," "insane persons," "idiots," "degenerates," "imbeciles," and "rapists." The … [Read more...]

The Problem With Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is not the Church's primary method of ministering to youth (and by "youth," I mean nothing more than people who, relative to adults, lack some experience). It is a method, sure, and perhaps even a necessary one, but it is not the method. "The home is the first school of Christian life," (CCC 1657) sayeth the Catechism, and it is the home that serves as the fundamental, original source of catechesis and evangelization, and if we could understand that, we might have a chance at … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

Most names are classifications. I window-watch the heaving mass of green and gold and say "tree," and this name places the thing in a mental "class" of similarily heaving objects, the class of "trees." Rock, sling, giant, corpse -- all these "names" are fundamentally classifications, names that allow us to understand a thing by referring to its species. But a personal name does not refer to a species. There is nothing about the name "Michael" that groups its named object into a class.Many n … [Read more...]

Dear Gordon Gee

Dear Gordon Gee,I understand you are still under fire for referring to Catholics as "those damn Catholics." The Huffington Post, in particular, is indignant that you did not apologize sooner. The Huffington Post is, of course, full of shit, and thus, in contrast to that constantly feigned indignation which exists for the sole purpose of garnering pageviews, I would like to extend my whole-hearted gratitude for your reference to Catholics as "those damn Catholics."I live in a world -- and … [Read more...]