My Talk on Beauty at Notre Dame

Thanks so much to the Sophomore Class Council at Notre Dame for having me over to speak! It was wonderful meeting all of you, eating your food, sleeping in your library, talking to your squirrels, getting lost on your campus, praying at the Grotto, and generally wishing I'd worked harder in high school. For those who couldn't make it, here's a recording of the talk:I'd like to add that a lot more can be said here, and that -- watching the talk now -- I find myself rebutting myself, … [Read more...]

The Coredemptrix Controversy


A guest post from my dear friend Andrew Oullette:  Many people that first hear the title of Mary as Coredemptrix think, "Wait. What?! Mary...Coredemptrix?! Blasphemy!" Yet we cannot be too quick to judge this title without looking at the meaning of the word Coredemptrix, the evidence for it in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and discovering what it means to us as the Body of Christ that Mary is the Coredemptrix.Before we can say what Coredemptrix means we must first start by … [Read more...]

What It’s Like to Actually Care About the Conclave


It is very, very good to be Catholic. We have the remarkable capacity to actually care about the conclave. The media, bless them, cannot fathom the explosion of love happening here, and are doomed to report with all the banality, divisiveness and cluelessness with which one goes about reporting an American presidential election. They're talking about the conclave, sure -- it's political ramifications, the potential ideological leaning of the next Pope, the "necessary" changes the Church needs to … [Read more...]

The Catholic Church Young People Actually Want


Young people are human. If we understood this reality we wouldn't have crappy youth ministry programs, worse catechesis, politicians on Twitter, the wild success of Ke$ha, and a bored and banal culture.But we do suffer these tortures, for we are convinced that being young and able to navigate Facebook transforms the human person into a locus around which the universe turns, the deciding, haloed blueprint for the construction of culture, religion, and politics.The Youth Vote, the Young … [Read more...]

“I’m With Them”: the Female Paradox of Praying at Planned Parenthood


A guest post for the upcoming 40 Days for Life campaign.It was the March for Life Weekend, 2012. I called my dad to hear a familiar voice and was talking with him about snow conditions on the ski trails back home as I rounded the corner from K Street to 16th and saw the scene outside Planned Parenthood. A mass of people stood outside the clinic, some of them in heavy winter coats, some of them in religious habits, and some of them wearing the brightly colored vests of a Planned Parenthood … [Read more...]

In Defense of the March for Life


This is directed at men.There is nothing more painful for the over-privileged male denizen of modern America than an absorbed reading of The Lord of the Rings, of Les Miserables, or even of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. These, by the golden light of fiction, depict acts of greatness foreign to us, inspiring us to take heroic action that, in all likelihood, we'll never take.It's the same with accounts of men like Gandhi or Lincoln, Roosevelt or Douglass, Nelson Mandela or St. Thomas … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t You Naked?


I'm curious as to why man is in the habit of wearing clothes, when no other animal has been spotted with even the smallest, most insignificant of socks.We could say it's the fault of the cold, but humans wear clothes at the Equator.We could take a Darwinian tactic and argue that clothes are hygienic -- and thus the people who wore clothes outlived and out-reproduced those who ran young, wild and free -- but this assumes too much. A soiled rag around the crotch seems far less healthy than … [Read more...]

Why The Catholic Priesthood Is Composed of Dudes


This might be the greatest video ever to happen to the Catholic Church. If I had tried to stick my tongue out at the kids who think a female priest isn't a contradiction in terms, I wouldn't have been able to muster up the genius required to make a thing quite so demeaning to the cause.Love it or hate it, the Catholic Church is the largest unified religion in the world. She claims 1/6 of humanity as her children. Her teachings have endured and rebelled against entropy for 2000 years. … [Read more...]

Why Are Catholics Still Whining About the HHS Mandate?

A supporter of the proposed lower Manhattan Muslim cultural center and mosque holds a sign in front of the proposed site New York

The first amendment was the first damn thing we thought of when we decided not to give the American Government unlimited power over the human person. And the first part of the first damn thing we thought of reads as follows: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof... It seems apparent -- though perhaps I'm romanticizing the entire situation -- that the First of Firsts should be upheld, if only for the fact that (a) it sounds a … [Read more...]

In Defense of Silence Over Gunmen


We live in a universe in which it is possible, and even probable, that innocents will be murdered. Our home is intolerable. We -- inhabitants and products of this universe -- cannot be satisfied with the universe, and are thus at odds with reality. We rebel in body and soul against our very mode of being, a mode made maddeningly clear to us in Newtown, Connecticut. We are beings-in-a-universe-where-children-die.Our experience of the shooting expressed this. We were outraged, stunned, dis … [Read more...]