I Need You!

(Potentially.)Dear errbody!This might give away a huge chunk of my Super Secret Illuminati Funded Project, but I have a request of all my wonderful readers:Would any couples who have converted from a contraceptive lifestyle to the wonderful world of NFP like to share their story? Or single people who use something like the Creighton MODEL for medical purposes? I'm looking for answers to the following questions:What made you want to switch? What have been the benefits of making … [Read more...]

The Love Atheists Have For Gay Folks


I've been spending way too much time chilling with the jolly old atheists. Anyways, they're pretty fantastic at calling out Christians for their cruelty to the gay community. So I made them all a picture.Also, As Tall as Lions have a sweet song and it sounds pretty atheistic so I thought I'd share. … [Read more...]


http://standupforreligiousfreedom.com/That is all. … [Read more...]

My Interview With Brandon Vogt…

...author of The Church and New Media, was very spicy. Before I link it, I just thought I'd let everyone know I'm going to be taking a break from blogging until March 26th. This is first of all a lenten penance, for you must know this work soothes my ADHD. Secondly, it'll give me time to really intake, to inhale Christ for a while, via Thomas Kempis and Louis de Montfort. And finally, I need to be working on _________ which requires 10 times the effort of BadCatholic, at least 50 more people (if … [Read more...]

The Young Chesterton Chronicles

I begin this post with an apology to the author of The Young Chesterton Chronicles, whose work I promised to read and review quite a while ago, and only now have finished. But better late than tied between wild horses and having your limbs torn out, as they say.So where to begin? These books are awesome. As one may judge by their covers:I got the pleasure of reading the second book in the series, The Emperor of North America. In a steampunk world of bizarre da Vinci-esque flying … [Read more...]

Why I Hate the Internet

Screen shot 2012-02-07 at 3.08.10 PM

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The Greatest App You Will Ever Purchase

The Total Consecration App!That's right folks, thanks to the fine work of my fellow Franciscan student and all around tech-stud, Matthew Sich, St. Louis de Montfort's Total Consecration to Jesus Christ Through Mary is available for your super hip Apple products. It looks great too:Buy it immediately! Consecrate yourselves! If you don't have an iPhone, well this sounds like a great excuse to get one! Mary makes incredible promises to those consecrated to Christ in her name, she has … [Read more...]


In 3 hours BadCatholic Blog would be blacked out globally to protest SOPA and PIPA but Marc doesn't know how to do that without deleting his blog. But seriously, educate yerself, Internet-lovers. If this passes I'm gonna have to delete all my pictures. … [Read more...]

Whatever the Hell You Were Doing is No Longer Important…

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The Aristocracy of the Abortion Advocates

Perhaps I was too naively raised on Tolkien, Lewis, and all the rest, but as a child I took for granted these two truths: That a man would have enemies and that his enemies would be frightening. He would, I assumed, have to muster up some semblance of courage to fight them.It is with surprise - and a vague disappointment, even - that, while I certainly find an enemy in the pro-abortion movement, their most striking characteristic turns out to be not frightfulness, but snobbery.The … [Read more...]