Depressed? Bitter? Wake Up Every Morning Hating The Universe?

Well here you are:  … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why Our Drinking Age Is Nationally Embarrassing/Unconstitutional

1. Because if I can prove it is, maybe some one will take pity on me and send me some Papst-bier.2. Because the only evidence in favor of a higher drinking age is that, upon moving the drinking age to 21, there were less alcohol-related crashes for the age group 18-20. Sweet, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and guess what else? If the drinking age was moved to 25, there'd be less alcohol-related crashes for the age group 18-24! And if you banned knives, there would be -- wait for it -- less … [Read more...]

If This Is How We Lose….

Hello friends, enemies and those passing through with mild indifference and/or interest! I marched for life yesterday!Actually scratch that, I bus-rode for life, went to mass for life, rocked out with Matt Maher for life, got up really unbelievably freaking early and drank a lot of coffee for life, rocked out to some Ike for life, went to mass AGAIN for life, then marched for life, which can really only be accurately described as partying while moving slowly for life.I was one of the … [Read more...]