Eucharistic Blasphemy

There is a prayer said by the Roman Catholic priest before he receives the Holy Eucharist, the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ, usually muttered so quietly that the congregation cannot hear. I'll give you the version from the New Translation, because its awesome, you're awesome, and thus you and the New Translation are going to get along dandily: "May receiving your Body and Blood, Lord Jesus Christ, not bring me to judgment and condemnation, but through your love and mercy let it be my p … [Read more...]

Eucharistic Addiction

(Spoiler Alert: The Eucharist is God in the form of bread and wine.)To hear your average Catholics - alright, let's be honest, to hear some Catholics who actually care about the faith - speak on the Eucharist, I would sympathize with the modern eavesdropper who would leave the conversation thinking that he had overhead a couple of junkies praising a life-consuming drug. Our phrases our peppered with a fiendish, ravenous hunger, from Flannery's "it is the center of existence for me; all the … [Read more...]

Damming God

Happy Sabbath!Today - in a rather pointed rebellion against Protestant boredom - we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ meant what he said and said what he meant, when he told that confused and bewildered crowd to eat His flesh and drink his blood. It's really what separates the person of Christ from the "good moral teacher" the crowds of the world wish to consecrate Him into. No matter how peaceful and tolerant the lecture, and no matter the extent to which you are convinced that he "just … [Read more...]