Amidst Our Liturgical Differences…

...which should not exist, for we¬†receive¬†the liturgy, and do not create it, it is worth pointing out something we can all agree on: Liturgy itself is awesome. I did an amateur covering of this fact a while back, defending liturgy with three points.1. That Everyone uses a liturgy.2. That liturgy is essentially universal and wonderfully democratic.3. That the Liturgy is a gift.I'd like to think that those three post are decent 'primer posts' for discussion on the Liturgy, as I r … [Read more...]

Good Work

Dear Catholic artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, photographers, architects, bloggers, designers and everyone else. C.S. Lewis has something extremely important to tell you. Listen. Until quite recently - until the latter part of the last century - it was taken for granted that the business of the artist was to delight and instruct his public. There were, of course, different publics; the street-songs and the oratorios were not addressed to the same audience (though I think a good many … [Read more...]