FUS, Represent!

Gotta love my school. Franciscan Students For Life getting a pro-life flash mob on in Pittsburgh:Fear joyful movements. … [Read more...]

Herod the Abortionist

Herod's Slaughter of the Innocents is one of the few ways a man can get close to proving the existence of sin by mere example. The story has haunted me since I was a child. And it haunts me now because it still goes on, in abortion clinics across the world, at a morbid, clinical pace of 4000 innocents a day. When Herod sent his soliders out to kill every boy under the age of two in Bethlehem and its surrounding area, he unwittingly spat out a blackened prophecy for our times. Herod's massacre w … [Read more...]

My First Column…

...for Franciscan University's newspaper, The Troubadour. The appalling strength of the abortion industry - in its daily destruction of 4000 American lives, its enormous wealth and seemingly limitless political clout - might lead one to believe that the pro-life battle is a losing battle. A good fight, to be sure, but a fight against a Goliath of such monstrous proportions that it will only ever remain a noble cause; never to be realized as a noble victory.The truth, however, is that … [Read more...]

The Inherent Awkardness Of Being Pro-Choice

There I was, being normal, testing the murky waters of a potential romance, when a particular girl told me she was a vegetarian.Me: Bummer.Her: Do you eat veal?Me: Uh, well, no, because it's not often offered to me-Her: I never eat veal. Do you know what veal is?Me: Baby cow-Her: It's baby cow!Me: Yes. Yes it is.Her (tearing up): Do know that they sometimes kill the baby cows within months of them being born, just so they'll taste nice and tender?Me (lying): Yeah, it's terrible. I heard that … [Read more...]

Abortion Won’t Die…

...unless artificial contraception dies with it.(As you may know, I'm being convicted of this fact as I run around with my camera, filming a people whose goal it is to rid the world of the various nuisances that get between husbands and wives in their attempts to make love. This includes condoms, chemicals, cement walls, the 24 hour news cycle, etc. etc.)It's simple really. Telling someone to use contraception but not to have an abortion is like telling them "Do whatever you can not to … [Read more...]

A Reader Writes…

I am currently ill, and am happy to say a certain Paul Fahey has taken up the task of actually writing something. It is reasoned, wonderful and far more structured than anything I've managed to put down. Enjoy the second guest post BadCatholic has seen, and remember I'm always willing to put up anything reader's write, unless they are advocating liturgical dancing.Martin Luther King Jr. famously said, “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of i … [Read more...]

If This Is How We Lose….

Hello friends, enemies and those passing through with mild indifference and/or interest! I marched for life yesterday!Actually scratch that, I bus-rode for life, went to mass for life, rocked out with Matt Maher for life, got up really unbelievably freaking early and drank a lot of coffee for life, rocked out to some Ike for life, went to mass AGAIN for life, then marched for life, which can really only be accurately described as partying while moving slowly for life.I was one of the … [Read more...]