We Are Catholic – My World Youth Day Documentary

So there you have it. Share with all you friends, post on Facebook, or use it to bring your youth groups to Rio! Much love from room 228 in Louis dorm. … [Read more...]

The Pope Arrives!

...and we meet girls from Texas!I think this is the last video before I make a legit one that I need you all to share. There's so much more to write about, but know time, we have a flight in something like 5 hours. … [Read more...]

It Begins!

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Day Freaking Threeish

It's been difficult to think of a meaningful post to post, simply because the events of World Youth Day are still two days away, and we feel as much like tourists as pilgrims. Or perhaps pilgrims doing touristy things. That's it. We visit awesome places - Avila, Sagovia, Toledo, Cordoba, Madrid - we see the sights, taste the food, drink the sangria, make foolish American mistakes, but we are always noticed as pilgrims, as kids-here-to-see-el-Papa; as Catholics. And so we've had some experiences … [Read more...]

Day Freaking Two

That's all folks. … [Read more...]

Day Freaking One

http://www.facebook.com/v/10150279011752910 The most fantastic thing about this Not Yet World Youth Day - and really any Catholic event - is the people you meet. On the plane ride over we met a beautiful woman named Katie. She teaches bilingual speech therapy in a public school, situated in a very poor area. Obviously, as a public school teacher, it is illegal for her to share her faith to the children she teaches, to try and help them through their poverty and broken homes. But equally as … [Read more...]