Walker Percy Interviews Himself

The whole thing is priceless, but have my favorite part:Q: What kind of Catholic are you? A. Bad. Q: Are you a dogmatic Catholic or an open-minded Catholic? A: I don’t know what that means . . . . Do you mean do I believe the dogma that the Catholic Church proposes for belief? Q: Yes. A: Yes. Q: How is such a belief possible in this day and age? A: What else is there? Q: What do you mean, what else is there? There is humanism, atheism, agnosticism, Marxism, behaviorism, materialism, B … [Read more...]

Why Facebook Is The Devil

I was writing fiction, and when I seriously considered describing my character's feeling of anxiety as similar to "the heightened feeling of angst that came from copying something onto his clipboard and getting immediately distracted, knowing it to still be there and ready to be pasted, but forgetting entirely what it was," I realized that I a) need a new career, b) need more sleep, and c) that I am - like so many of my peers - undeniably affected by the Internet Age, and that - for all its benef … [Read more...]