Wow. I’m a little overwhelmed. Last night, I sat down at the computer after my daughter’s Advent program and clicked on my Stat Counter. I’ve been trying to ignore this little button; for a while, I got so caught up in how many people were visiting my blog and where they came from that I forgot about the real reason I write, which is because I love to. My husband works things out by sitting down and thinking about them, or going for a walk and thinking about them; I work things out by talking, or by spewing my thoughts onto a page. And I’m surprised that even one person likes to read my ramblings about baby poop, but I’ve settled into a nice little groove of about a hundred visitors a day. And I love my visitors. I know them; they know me. We don’t surprise each other; they know I’ll probably write about my kids, and I know they’ll read quietly, hopefully enjoy my words, sometimes comment and then quietly click away.

Then last night I clicked on my stat counter. At first I couldn’t understand the little bar graph (I have trouble with graphs). I thought that somehow I had lost visitors from all the days previous. How could that have happened? Then I realized that, in fact, I had SO MANY visitors yesterday that the bar graph had to adjust in size to accommodate the new numbers, thereby dwarfing my previous hundred-ish visitor bars. Yesterday, my friends, I had four hundred and one visitors. Four hundred and one! That is huge, for my little blog. I was so confused by my sudden surge in popularity that I had to find out where all these people came from!

Some of them were my usual visitors, linking through from my facebook page or from lovely Melanie’s page (Melanie is always generously linking to me). Others came from Kate Wicker and Betty Beguiles, who also linked to my post yesterday, setting my heart a-flutter. But the vast majority came from Who is Elizabeth Foss? I wondered to myself. So I clicked over to her website.

I cannot believe I’ve never made my way over there. Her blog is great! She’s a homeschooling mom, cancer survivor, mother of nine, newspaper columnist and published author. Her blog is beautiful and so well-organized, and apparently, judging by the way my visitor count skyrocketed when she linked to me, very popular. I’m thrilled to find another blog and another homeschooling resource for the days when I begin to homeschool. Which I am still putting off. I’ve added Elizabeth’s blog to my blogroll on the left if any of my usual visitors would like to pay her a visit. And I want to thank Elizabeth, Kate, Betty Beguiles and Melanie for their link love!

But now I’m in the awkward position of having new readers. I’m sure that in a few days the swell of readers will subside back into my usual numbers, but for now it seems that more and more people are reading my blog. I feel like I’m on a first date. Will they like me? Will they think my jokes are funny? Will they appreciate my insights about children and poop? Do I have something in my teeth? I certainly hope so! (Um, I hope they like me, that is. Not that I have something in my teeth.) Welcome to my blog, new readers! And thanks for making your way over here!

  • Andrea

    Elizabeth Foss is my hero.For real.How exciting! You're blog is excellent, and you have a great sense of humor, so I would suspect that many people will become regulars!

  • Melanie B

    I agree with Andrea, Elizabeth Foss is one of my heroes. I can't believe you haven't been reading her blog. Hers was one of the very first homeschooling books I ever read and she just blew me away. I was thrilled yesterday when I saw that she'd linked to you and Kate and Betty too. Personally, I think everyone should be reading your blog.

  • Calah

    Thanks guys! That's very kind! Y'all are awesome. And I'm so glad to have discovered Elizabeth's blog! She is pretty awesome.

  • L. E. Cove

    I'd probably collapse on the floor if I suddenly acquired 401 visitors in one day. That said, I was one of those, clicking through from Elizabeth Foss; I'm glad she noticed your post, and I'm glad you've discovered her.