Hugs replace tear gas — rapid police change in Ferguson

This is not something I expected to see: FERGUSON, Mo. — Suddenly, everything has changed. The heavy riot armor, the SWAT trucks with sniper posts, the hostile glares: tonight in Ferguson they were gone. A stunning change in tone radiated through the suburban streets where protests had turned violent each of the last four evenings [Read More...]

Did you know the police are tear-gassing reporters – in Missouri?

Being offline for most of the summer meant that I missed tons of everything. Not just Patheos news, like all the awesome new bloggers Lizzie rounded up, but also real-life news. Pretty much the only thing I haven’t missed is ISIS, since the presence of it on my facebook news feed makes it easy to [Read More...]

Jiggity Jig

Le sigh. I always leave for Texas with the best of intentions…I’m going to blog every day, or every other day, or once a week at the very least. Naturally, none of this ever happens, which is sometimes okay because my time is otherwise occupied with family and friends, but it’s sometimes not okay because [Read More...]

Edel: Party as Precordial Thump

I had intended to blog prolifically this weekend from Edel, updating with pictures of crazy shoes, karaoke, and hilarity. But on Tuesday of last week, my sister-in-law’s father died unexpectedly. Vic isn’t just my sister-in-law. She was one of my best friends in college and my maid of honor before she married the Ogre’s brother. [Read More...]

Cocktails and Zombies and Pink Hair, Oh My!

Like a modern-day Dorothy, in honor of Edel I dyed my hair to match my crazy shoes: Today I’ve got an almost-four-year-old’s birthday party to attend to, but Friday I’ll put up a picture of Rebecca and me in full regalia, crazy shoes and all! That is, if I can master the art of walking [Read More...]

Dada Does Breastfeeding

Here’s a true thing: there is nothing better than coming to the end of a long, exhausting road trip, only to have three out of four children melt down entirely in the aftermath. One, luckily, has an easily fixable ear infection. The other, slightly less luckily, has no-big-deal-but-must-heal-on-his-own-even-though-he-looks-gruesome-fifth’s disease. The littlest, though, Linc Baby of [Read More...]

An Apology to My Parents

I did something awful yesterday. Well, I didn’t do it yesterday, but it all came to a head yesterday. I did it a few weeks ago, when Sam interviewed me for his series on the Art of Blogging. I started to go off about the online Evangelical culture that makes me crazy and I conflated [Read More...]

Is There an Art to Blogging?

Sam Rocha thinks there is. He’s been interviewing bloggers about their writing process, and he finally picked me. It’s about dang time, too, because the world really needs to know that my writing process involves copious tears. I weep at the keyboard because the internet isn’t standing in front of me. At least not really. [Read More...]

Radio Redux!

So, remember how I was on Sheila Liaugminas’ show on Relevant Radio last week? We barely got started before we had to stop, so Sheila invited us to come back for another hour. We pre-recorded it on Friday and it.was.awesome. I’m not even kidding, it was so much fun to talk with Tod and Tom [Read More...]

Dear God, Please Say Life is Not a Highway

Because no offense or anything, but if it is I do not want to ride it. At least until our kids get their own cars. We go to Texas every summer to visit family. Most of both our families are here, clustered in and around the DFW metroplex where I grew up. We usually fly [Read More...]