They Got Microchips in the Condoms, Everyone!

Don’t use ‘em! (PS: my mom is totally going to unfriend me for sharing this) [Read more...]

Forgive Me Starbucks, For I Have Sinned

Starbucks really thought it could get America to confess our sins by writing about them on coffee cups. Exploiting collective guilt through overpriced beverages? Well played, Starbucks. Oh no, wait, that was terribly played. That was the most terrible play you’ve made since Chantico was going to “revolutionize the way Americans drink hot chocolate”. (Spoiler [Read More...]

iZombie is Veronica Mars, with Cup O’Noodle Brain Soup

I know, I know — not another zombie show! But iZombie brings the fun to the, er, table. I love this show so much I’m basically incoherent with glee. It feels indecent to be so happy during Lent, but here I am. The least I can do is spread the happiness to the internet. Basically, [Read More...]

Theology of the Booty

On Facebook, Jennifer Fulwiler is asking for 10-word descriptions of worst Mass experiences ever. After my offering, I dug up this old post that inspired it, cut out the boring “moral lesson” at the end, and re-published it for you with a snazzy new title. Please enjoy this account of personal mortification, then go read [Read More...]

Temporal Darkness & Eternal Light, One Year In

Olivia and Emma died a year ago today. It didn’t seem like it could possibly be real then, but time brings the weight of reality to tragedy. We have their prayer cards on our refrigerator. In the morning every day I look at their faces and say a prayer for Sean, Becca, and Vivian. It’s [Read More...]

Betrayal and Bloodlust: Evil in the Human Heart

Yesterday morning I woke up thinking about Mycenae. Sounds weird, I know, but that sun-baked hilltop is a fixed point in my life. Everything changed the day I went to Mycenae. It was so hot when we clambered off the buses. My classmates were eager and bounced ahead of my roommate and me, chattering and [Read More...]

A Better Barrier Method

Yesterday was the first day of spring break. We’ve finally reached the sniffly beginning of the end of the Death Virus, but I let the Ogre sleep in a little since we’re both still making up for eons of lost sleep. We all had a long, leisurely breakfast, reveling in the joy of a week [Read More...]

So You Think Pro-Lifers Only Care About the Babies?

Well, we don’t. We also care about single moms raising kids on their own, and the elderly, and post-abortive moms, and victims of domestic violence…and here’s a chance for us to put our money where our mouths are. For those of you who might not know the Crescat, let me tell you a little bit [Read More...]

Why an Ill-Timed Virus Reminded Me That My Parents are Awesome

I had really hoped that the two-week bout of sickness was the end of it, but actually it was just beginning. Luckily for us – but unluckily for them – my parents had just arrived for a much-anticipated visit when the Ogre came home from work early and collapsed in bed with a 101 fever. [Read More...]

A Better Pain/Evil Scale

On Sunday, my daughters were drawing on our erstwhile chore board. When I was mopping yesterday, I happened to notice what they had drawn. So I took a picture, because it was disturbing. The pain scale is Sienna’s creation, clearly inspired by repeated viewings of Big Hero 6 (which is my new favorite movie, btw). [Read More...]