Finding Balance, or Not

Lately I’ve been really struggling to find balance in my life. Balance does not come naturally to me — it never has. I guess I have an artistic temperament or something, and I definitely have certain ADD traits like hyperfocus and its counterpart, utter disinterest. For most of my life, this just meant that I [Read More...]

Pope Francis’ Cracked Interviews

Unlike my fellow Patheosi, I did not remain cool and collected in the wake of the latest papal interview. Actually, I was pissed off, and I spent two days writing and re-writing a post that — try as I did — never evolved into anything more than a petulant rant about Pope Stupidhead Francis. Honestly, [Read More...]

How to Be a Good Wife When You Have a Feral-Child-Soul

I’m assuming you’ve all heard by now that Michael Novak has been subsumed into the Blorg. Not to toot my own horn or anything (which I am totally about to do), but that’s partially a result of the time I had Michael and his brother Ben over for dinner and served them wine in mason [Read More...]

It’s About the One, Not the Many

A few days ago Fr. Peter Daly wrote a heart-wrenching post at the National Catholic Reporter, concerning the lack of young adults attending Mass on a regular basis. But even allowing for demographics, we have a problem. We wondered what we could do. So, in the spirit of Pope Francis, we decided to ask them, [Read More...]

10 More Women Christian Men Definitely Should Not Marry

Some wonderful days, the internet gives me an excuse to quote Shakespeare. “Is possible that disdain should die when she hath such meet food to feed it as lists of women Christian men shouldn’t marry?” 4. The Feminist.  There’s no room within Christendom for the “Christian feminist.”  Though women and men have equal value in [Read More...]

Why Paris is Such an Utter Plonker – UPDATED

This bit of amazingness is brought to you by Jenks at Greek Myth Comix. She* graciously allowed me to repost it here for y’all, but you should definitely, definitely head over to her blog and check out the hilarious commentary that follows the comic. Here’s an excerpt: Helen, after being forced to go to Paris’ [Read More...]

Melodrama and Links

And no, I still haven’t finished organizing, tagging, and polishing my archives. Administrative work like that is really not my thing — and when I say, “it’s not my thing,” I mean, “it makes me run hysterically in the other direction and do anything else to avoid it, even if that anything is laundry.” But [Read More...]

Styrofoam Snow

Even my children are desperate for seasons: [Read more...]


In case you’re wondering, yes, my archives have disappeared. Luckily they were not spirited away by hackers, just by me. Because my word for the new year is “intentionally”(<– I’ll write about that later), my focus from now till January is going to be cleaning up and organizing my blog. It’s SUCH a drag. I’m [Read More...]

The Christmas Couch

For Christmas, y’all bought me a couch. Well, actually my friend Martha bought me the couch, which she found at Goodwill in Naples for $75. $75!!!! I still cannot believe that. She and her husband also borrowed a truck to bring it out to us. It’s an enormous La-Z-Boy sectional, with cushion covers that unzip [Read More...]