Hulk Mommy Contemplates Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not my favorite holiday. Mother’s Day is the emotional equivalent of Valentine’s Day…try as I might to temper them, my expectations are through the roof, and when when my family fails to provide a string quartet and a cappuccino imported directly from Rome to wake me up, I get mad. Then, in [Read More...]

Let’s have a Black Mass…because education

Harvard Extension School is hosting a “reenactment” of a Black Mass for educational purposes, “to learn and experience the history of different cultural practices.” The Anchoress has been in contact with those in charge of this, primarily to urge them not to use a Consecrated Host when the word was that they would be using [Read More...]

My Top 4 Patheos Posts

Yesterday I put up a video for Patheos’s birthday party, and included a link to my personal favorite post on Patheos. I chose that one because I couldn’t have written it if I weren’t here at Patheos, among the other bloggers on all the channels, but especially among the Patheosi at the Catholic Channel, who [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Patheos!

Patheos turns five today, and they asked us bloggers to help them celebrate by making a video and posting a few of our best blog posts. I think the idea was that the video would be a short “Hey Patheos, happy birthday, cheers!” thing, but I thought this would be a more fitting birthday present: [Read More...]

How the Ogre Does Love Songs

There is never enough music in our house. Neither the Ogre nor I are musicians, so even though we both really love music, it isn’t part of the essential tapestry of our lives the way stories and poems are. But every once in a while, one of us will realize that we need more music, [Read More...]

Thank God for Babel, and Joss Whedon

  The Ogre and I watched The Cabin in the Woods last night, finally, to celebrate the end of a semester that felt like a horror movie. Well, okay, there was often a blond woman screaming into a window facing alligators, so in that sense, it kind of was like a horror movie. Anyway. This [Read More...]

It’s Not a Book Trailer Without a Samurai Sword

So Jen asked me to read some parts of her book for her book trailer, and I was all I knew I had to make it epic to properly thank Jen for including me. I really wanted to feature our backyard alligator Eustace, but I got scared like a little girl when I went to [Read More...]

“Hey, Got Any Grapes?”

So this weekend was my first daughter’s first communion. I’m actually still basking in this weekend, not least among that being the fact that my best friend ever Meaghan (yes that Meg, Sienna’s godmother) came for four (4!!!!!!!!!!!!!) whole days. I can’t express the joy and delight I had in finding that after all these [Read More...]

The Mariner’s Revenge Song

There’s music, and then there’s MUSIC. This is so much the latter that my head is still exploding. This band is so much awesome, with the lyrics and the sound effects and the freakin’ ACCORDION! This is enough to make me happy for at least three weeks. I totally believe whoever said that music is [Read More...]

Sad Blogger Diary

Well my Easter was…hmmm. I was going to tell you about it words, but I decided to do it in GiFs instead cause GIFs make everything better. We had a student over. We like having students over for holidays cause a lot of them don’t go home, but it’s always kinda nerve-wracking for me because…well, [Read More...]