Sonic Saturday

It’s Saturday, and I love you.  Here you go. You’re welcome [Read more...]

7 Super Quick Takes Friday

It’s Friday. I’m in a bad mood. I haven’t had ANY time to blog lately which is making me very angry and sad. I miss my friends. And I do not care how pathetic that makes me. But right now Sasha Feroce has the little nipotini at the doctor, so I have approximately 14.3 minutes in [Read More...]

Bright Sun, Cool Air

No snow, but you get the idea These are the two things that make me happiest in all the world. I think I’ve known that for some time, but it was just driven home today how deeply my mood and general outlook on life is affected by the weather. Last night the Ogre and I [Read More...]

Spanking and Me

When it comes to discipline, spanking has become sort of like quicksand to me. My own particular quicksand.  I almost never spank my children anymore. I’ll make the rare exception for things that are truly dangerous, things that they must learn right this second to never do again, like wandering out into the street or [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday

#7 Simcha’s post this morning at the Register cracked me up. I firmly believe that when people do something idiotic intentionally, like name their child Apple or La-a (pronounced La DASH a) the rest of the world has a moral obligation to make fun of them. How have I come to this conclusion? Let me [Read More...]

In Which I Threaten to Stab My Eyes Out

So…well…er….I picked a fight over at Virtuous today. Wanna read it? As an added bonus, you’ll get to see a Demotivational Poster of Jeff Bridges as the Dude! On to more important things. Sasha Feroce has started watching Buffy, of her own volition, completely without my insane pushing. (No, really, she actually has.) I [Read More...]

A Tragedy

I was planning on writing a post tonight about our first real homeschooling test, and how I failed it, and the realization that led me to. I’ll still write that post, but not tonight. I happened to click over to Dr. Nadal’s blog before I started writing, and everything that has happened in the last [Read More...]

I Hate the Rain

I detest, abhor, and loathe rain. Not me.  I actually like the idea of rain. I like rain at night, when I’m going to sleep. I like the sound it makes on the roof as I burrow under the covers. I also like rain in the morning. I like to watch it while I drink [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

So it’s Friday, again, like it is this day every week. Somehow the usual sweetness of Friday is totally lost to me today. Maybe it’s because we went to the fair on Monday and skipped schoolwork, so we have to make it up today. Maybe it’s because our usual weekend at my parent’s house is [Read More...]

Now I Know in Part

Yesterday, my kids and I went with my parents and my sister to the state fair. I haven’t been since I was little and my kids have never been. I was totally pumped to eat fried food, ride dangerous carnival rides, and watch my little girls get their faces painted. Toward the end of the [Read More...]