Because I Love You

and I got barely any sleep last night, and my head is pounding, and there’s no way I’m going to put together an actual post today, I’m giving you this instead. My Current Song Obsession: It seems that all my bridges have been burned But you say, “that’s exactly how this grace thing works.” It’s [Read More...]

A Blogger’s Manifesto

So, last week I promised to write a post about my philosophy on blogging and a compilation post on responses I got to my post on men. Awesomely, that second one is totally not going to happen. At least not this week. I’ve got some searing-hot irons in the fire, so to speak, which need [Read More...]

Abortion from the Front Lines

I meant to put this up directly after my post on the Exorcism of Demons, but what followed was, it seemed to me, more necessary. One of the most wonderful things about being an adult convert to the Catholic Church is that we have the freedom to choose our own Godparents. When my priest asked me [Read More...]

Such a Melting, a Madrigal Start!

I know it’s Friday, but I hope you’ll forgive me for not being in the mood for quick take-ery. There is something weighing on me. I got a comment last night that really rattled me. I was at my in-law’s house for dinner when my email chime sounded on my phone and I read this [Read More...]

The Exorcism of Demons

This week, I’m going to compile some responses I’ve gotten, both in the com-box and privately, to my post on men. Some of the responses are very thoughtful and many have pointed out errors in my thinking that I would like to share with you. But today, I’m still feeling pretty weary from all the [Read More...]

Running Man Monday

I got all fired up this morning over something I read about over at Dr. Nadal’s fearless blog, and sat down to write about it, and then got sidetracked by a Platonic allusion I was trying to make, then started writing about freedom, and then I realized that I was really confused by my own [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

These are going up much later than usual because I went to see Harry Potter with my dear sister-in-law. The whole thing was awesome, except the battle scene, which was a travesty on a scale I have never before witnessed. And since the battle scene was pretty much the crux of the entire friggin series, [Read More...]


Mostly I’m writing this post to get  yesterday’s post off the front page of my blog. I’m a sissy, I guess, but I really don’t like controversy. I used to LOVE controversy…I even made the sweetest girl in my class cry during a high school debate once because I smelled blood and went for the [Read More...]

The Rape of Men

NB* Please read the comment section at the end of the post before you swear off my blog forever as a load of misogynistic crap. There are some excellent points brought up, as well as an apology or two and some clarifications. As I say in the post, I’m fumbling through this argument.  Sometimes I [Read More...]

D is for Dangerous

So as I mentioned in my quick takes on Friday, little Lemon (this is what Charlotte calls Liam and it has stuck) spent many a night last week refusing to sleep due to an ear infection. This was my first real test since the Ogre left. As I’ve mentioned, the Ogre always takes the night shifts. [Read More...]